Paulina Porizkova Rocks Black Lingerie & Talks About Her Sex Life –

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova has opened up about her angle in the direction of intercourse, and the way she was impacted by the progressive intercourse training in Sweden.

Paulina Porizkova has shared a shocking new snap carrying black lingerie, together with a prolonged caption about her angle in the direction of intercourse. The blonde magnificence, 55, took to Instagram on March 25 to publish a photograph of herself posing in a lacy black bra with matching underwear, thigh-high socks, garters, and black boots — see the pic right here. “Having been raised in Sweden in my sexually formative years, I can honestly say I’ve never had sex FOR a man. Meaning, to PLEASE a man,” she started. “Sure, if you are in a long term relationship, sometimes you will do your partner a favor. But that’s love. Can you have sex without love? We all know this is not a problem for men. But most women insist on a connection before they are turned on.”

The Czechoslovakian born mannequin continued, “This may be basic biology: when having sex, it’s always the woman who gets stuck with the check. So, it would make sense she makes sure she can trust her partner. But since the advent of the pill, women have choices. Not as many as men, to be sure, but way more than in the past. So is this still relevant response to sex a social construct, or a biological inevitability?”

Paulina then argued that girls really feel “more pleasure from sex” than males, including, “We can have multiple orgasms, and have sex far longer. It’s true that when one is in love, the sexual act takes on the ‘making love’ aspect. It enriches and brings sex to another level. But what’s wrong with basic sex? After all, you don’t need to every meal to be a gourmet delight. Most of the times you eat to satisfy your body.” She concluded her caption with a message to her male followers: “GENTLEMEN, this is NOT an invitation to make lewd comments. I’m truly curious how my fellow sisters feel about this topic.”


“You are sensationally beautiful in mind spirit and body Paulina,” one fan commented, whereas one other wrote, “Thank you for sharing your insight on this. Makes perfect sense.” Her publish got here just some days after she took to Instagram to supply her opinion on fairly privilege. She wrote, “Being pretty is not a privilege. It’s a gift. The difference? Privilege is an advantage, a benefit. Beauty may confer those on you, but is not one on its own. What you do with the advantages or disadvantages of beauty is up to you.”

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