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According to Check Point Research, a new species of Android malware has been found in the wild that quietly infected around 25 million devices. That malware was dubbed “Agent Smith” and uses an Android’s device resources to display fraudulent ads for financial gain. Such malicious attacks have been prevalent on the Android platform for some time …

If you want your Instagram strategy to be effective, there is one thing that you should know – consistency is the key. And, an Instagram post scheduler is one of the best tools for achieving this. With almost one billion active users and 15 million business profiles, it is not easy to stand out from …

Who doesn’t like deep-fried food? Ah, all that crispiness and deliciousness, it is hard to stay away from it, but as we know, it might not be the best thing when it comes to health. Deep-frying food includes a lot of oil, and oil processed that way is certainly not good. Luckily, as the technology …

American actress and model Anitra Ford is best known for playing the super-sexy love interest in lace, Melissa — who calls the cops after getting roughed up … which leads to Paul doing hard time — in the 1974 cinematic sports classic, “The Longest Yard.“ Anitra Ford was cast alongside some classic actors including, Eddie …

Enlarge / One of GIG Car Share’s Toyota Priuses on a street in Berkley, California. Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images Over the weekend, a trip to the Californian boonies by Guardian journalist Kari Paul turned into a cautionary tale about the perils of the connected car and the Internet of Things. Paul had rented a car through …

Do you need snow tires for cars? Source: autocar Some people might whisk the topic away as controversy, but that’s not the case. Research has shown that good snow tires can really make a difference on the slippery roads. The best tires for snow and ice provide the much-needed traction and grip on icy roads. …

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, meaning it is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or a single administrator which can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network. When Satoshi Nakamoto (an unknown person or group of people using that name) created Bitcoin, the idea of an electronic payment system was …

After making up the mind to revamp condos appearance, getting new windows becomes a must-do task since it has a lot to do with how the property looks. Not only does it bring a freshness but also cater to the attention of more and more people who might also take an interest in purchasing it. …

Copper cookware is top one choice for professionals when it comes to cooking. Copper cookware is very expensive, and hard to maintain, but has a perfect heat transmission and excellent adaptation to quick temperature changes. This cookware has a brownish retro design, it looks old-school and stylish at the same time. Copper cookware is beautiful, …


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