Oddsmakers as soon as once more look to Westeros

The home might at all times win in Las Vegas, however with regards to Westeros, there’s multiple home to select from. In the world of Game of Thrones, you win otherwise you die, and oddsmakers are giving odds on each of these issues upfront of the present’s last season on HBO. 

Let’s simply say that it is not a good time to be a Greyjoy. Is it ever? No. The reply isn’t any. 

According to the most recent statistics on Oddshark.com, Bran “Three-Eyed Emo” Stark is the present favourite to finish up on the Iron Throne, with odds of -150. This is one thing of a shock — Bran is proving to be extra highly effective by the episode, however he’s additionally greater than a bit unhelpful. Rather than simply laying issues out as they’re, he talks in riddle circles which are in all probability driving his siblings bonkers. Perhaps he is extra magical-tree-person now than man, and perhaps that is what Westeros wants? We do not doubt that everybody’s favourite roof-falling, incest-observing, Season 5 non-participant might be pivotal to how the story wraps up, however buying and selling his wheelchair for a non-wheeled chair fabricated from swords? We do not know. 

Bran is at present adopted by somebody who makes a bit extra sense — Jon Snow, probably not a bastard, knower-of-nothing, and stealth Targaryen. His odds stand at +600, and we will see why. Jon has gotten large sizzling pies of shade from most of this present’s solid because the very begin, and he is at all times been handled as “less than” due to his (presumed) bastard standing. As all of us discovered on the finish of final season, Jon is not a bastard in any respect — not solely that, technically he is the true inheritor to the throne. He’s been consuming continuous crow for no motive, and taking his place on the dagger chair would wipe many a smirk off of many a face. 

This is Game of Thrones, although, so not solely is it not going to be that easy, it’s going to in all probability contain incest, which Jon is already having fun with. He’s fallen in love along with his Aunt, Daenerys Targaryen. She’s fallen for him too, and so they’re at present goin’ at it. They do not know they’re associated but, and Daenerys (who many have assumed would find yourself on the Pointy Seat) would not learn about Jon’s potential declare to the throne. (Jon would not both, for that matter…you may say that he is aware of nothing about it.) 

The odds have a baby born of Dany and Jon taking the throne at #3, with odds of +800. This would require some magic, as a result of final time we checked (post-Rhaego) Dany was instructed that she would by no means have the ability to have kids once more. Daenerys herself fares far much less properly — she’s down at #7, with odds of +1200. Watching Aquaman die, coping with each Qarth and Meereen, spending six seasons to cross a sea, after which not turning into Queen? That would not appear honest. Sansa Stark has higher odds (+800) as does the Sauron of the present, The Night King (+1000). Coming in proper forward of Dany (with +1000) is Tyrion “greatest character of all time” Lannister, and developing after her (with stunning odds of +1600) is…Gendry? Good factor he lastly obtained out of that rowboat, we guess — perhaps he has some secret declare that we’ll discover out about. You get a declare! You get a declare! Everyone will get a declare! 

Arya Stark is available in after Gendry with odds of +1800, after which there is a huge hole to the subsequent contender, who is available in with odds of +2500. Those odds would belong to Cersei, the present occupant of the seat…Vegas (and most followers) do not appear to suppose that she’s gonna keep in energy for lengthy. The most distant odds charted to date are each at +10000, for Euron Greyjoy and Varys. With the previous, yeah, not gonna occur. With the latter, we might adore it, nevertheless it’s unlikely. Hot Pie was not listed, and neither was the rotting corpse of Walder Frey. 

The website additionally has odds for which character would possibly have the consideration of being the first to die within the last season, and this is the place the Greyjoys actually shine. The salt n’ vinegar pirate household holds the highest three spots. Nice Guy Euron is on the high, with odds of +145 that he would be the first to die. Yara (Asha) is available in subsequent (with odds of +300) which, as soon as once more, would not appear honest — Yara/Asha is the one tolerable Greyjoy. Her brother, Theon “sibling of the year” Greyjoy is correct behind her with odds of +500. 

Fourth on the “death list” is Cersei, as soon as once more proving how a lot folks like to hate her. She has odds of +650, although this does not appear practical to us. We do not suppose she’s gonna survive the collection, however the first to die? That could be one thing of a waste. We’re glad that Arya and Tyrion are close to the underside right here (each with odds of +5000), as a result of we actually could not face both dying. Jon Snow appears the most secure (with odds of +10000) and that is the upside to already dying and coming again to life. 

These odds are as of January 25 (at Bovada) in keeping with Oddshark, so issues might already be shifting. Hopefully issues will begin to search for for Dany, and proceed to look dangerous for the Greyjoys. As for Bran, we suppose something is feasible. If he finally ends up on the throne in the long run, he’ll lastly have the ability to escape that “I got pushed out a window and all I got were these lousy seven kingdoms” novelty T-shirt that Old Nan secretly made for him years in the past. 

The odds are at 100 % that the premiere of the ultimate season of Game of Thrones will hit HBO on April 14. Valar Morghulis. 

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