Nick Fury’s a Skrull? Is this the Night King’s plan? The week’s craziest fan theories

I’ve written about it earlier than, however The Daily Express is actually the worst supply of knowledge in the case of fan theories. All their tales are sensational, uncritical, uninformed, and poorly written. The newest instance comes within the type of this fan idea, which was culled from a Reddit submit that was written in September of 2017, that means The Daily Express went again into the archives to slop this bogus idea in your plate.

The idea posits that the Night King just isn’t going south to assault King’s Landing, however to go to the Isle of Faces. If you are an avid viewer of Game of Thrones and you haven’t any thought what the Isle of Faces is, don’t fret, you have not missed something. The location has not been talked about in any respect within the sequence. In the books, it is an island within The God’s Eye, a lake within the Riverlands that has been fleetingly talked about within the present. According to the A Song of Ice and Fire Books, it was on the Isle of Faces that the First Men signed a peace treaty with the Children of the Forest, and it is rumored that some would possibly nonetheless reside on the island in trendy instances.

What this idea suggests, although, is that the Night King goals to go to the Isle of Faces and use its magical properties to present his undead military life. There has been no suggestion within the books that the Isle of Faces has this life-giving means, nor that the Night King would wish to revive his military of wrights. Also, on condition that the Isle of Faces has actually not been talked about within the HBO sequence, there isn’t a method that will probably be launched within the closing season as a particularly essential plot machine that has by no means even been hinted at earlier than. It’s simply not going to occur, it doesn’t matter what you learn on The Daily Express.

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