Missy Pantone in ‘Bring It On’ ‘Memba Her?!

Boston birthed Eliza Dushku fired to the top of the Hollywood human pyramid as the Rancho Carne secondary school supporter, Missy Pantone — that finds the regular rip-offs — in the perky 2000 movie, “Bring It On.”

Eliza Dushku had some significant team objectives on the enjoyable flick … Dushku was cast along with celebrities like Kristen Dunst as the Toros’ leader, Torrance Shipman, Jesse Bradford as Missy’s dreamboat bro, Cliff Pantone as well as, obviously, Gabrielle Union as the Clover’s cross-town captain, Isis.

Eliza took place to be in various other big-screen bangers like “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” “The New Guy” as well as “Wrong Turn.”

Guess what she resembles currently!

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