Michael Bisping Punching Fat Guy’s Belly On TELEVISION Set Is Hypnotic

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There’s something concerning viewing UFC tale Michael Bisping punching his hands with a fat person’s doughy tummy that’s simply fascinating … 

This little battle session decreased on the collection of Cinemax collection “Warrior” in Cape Town, South Africa — where Bisping has a function as a smack-talking terrible badass (what a stretch, right?)

In this certain scene, Bisping made even up with Kazakhstani feat guy Erden Telemisov — however when the cams quit rolling, both people made a decision to have a little play battle of their very own. 

Bisping chatted garbage and after that tossed a flurry right into Erden’s digestive tract — and also enjoy the blubber fly!!!

Make certain to remain for the slo-mo focused shot … which is equally as interesting! 

FYI, “Warrior” is freely based upon the Tong Wars of the 1880s and also is greatly affected by the works of Bruce Lee

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