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Metal Gear Survive is a very different type of Metal Gear game. Gone is the “Tactical Espionage Action” gameplay style ushered in by series creator Hideo Kojima. Instead, this game is a cooperative action-adventure game where players team up to fight a horde of zombies…

It’s not as surprising a direction as you would think, if you consider that there have always been supernatural elements in the Metal Gear series. That said, Metal Gear Survive makes the supernatural it’s main focus.

While the game isn’t part of the Metal Gear Solid series, it does take place between the events of Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. The trailer opens with the assault on Mother Base that put Big Boss in a coma. Those who don’t die in the Mother Base attack travel through a wormhole to an alternate dimension where the survivors must fight off weird crystalline zombies (“living biological threats,” according to Konami). Yes, that’s a sentence I just wrote.

The game features four-player online co-op, although the game won’t stray too far from the series’ traditional stealth gameplay. New weaponry will also be introduced to combat creatures and lethal environments as well. Spears and crossbows will be two such weapons. 

Metal Gear Survive will offer a fresh take on the series’ famed stealth elements, but within a unique co-op setting that is designed for a truly engrossing multiplayer experience,” said Tomotada Tashiro, European President for Konami Digital Entertainment.

We previewed the game at E3 2017 and didn’t really love this new take on the series. Hopefully, Konami has taken the time to fix the issues we found with the experience. 

Here’s everything else we know:

Metal Gear Survive News

The latest Metal Gear Survive trailer is six minutes of single-player action. Check it out below:

Metal Gear Survive Release Date

Metal Gear Survive is expected to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on February 20, 2018. 

Metal Gear Survive Trailer

Here’s a video preview of Metal Gear Survive that provides quite a bit of new information about the game’s campaign mode. 

While this video makes it abundantly clear that this story is separate from MGS V‘s – it’s more of a spin-off – it’s also clear that the campaign will retain certain elements of that game. For instance, you’ll still have to organize a base and gather supplies. 

Actually, gathering supplies will be quite difficult as your base is surrounded by a poison cloud that requires you to wear an oxygen mask. When you run out of oxygen, you’ll need to return to the base. 

The campaign will offer a variety of main and side missions that reward players with various new items, crafting recipes, and survivors. Of course, the main gameplay seems to revolve around defending your base from attacks and ensuring that it can support itself even when you’re out on a mission. 

We have to admit that the game looks kind of interesting. If Survive didn’t have the Metal Gear Solid name – and the baggage that goes along with it – it might actually be seen as a pretty compelling standalone experience. 

Konami took the stage at TGS 2016 to introduce the first 15 minutes of gameplay footage for Metal Gear Survive, a spin-off of the main series that involves zombies, alternate dimensions, melee weapons, and co-op gameplay. Yes, this is a very different experience from what fans have come to expect from the franchise. Time will tell if it’s an ultimately successful shift in gameplay. Check out the footage below:

Also attending TGS to promote his first post-Konami game, Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima nixed any lingering hopes that he might have helped develop Metal Gear Survive before his departure from Konami in 2015. “That’s nothing to do with me!” Kojima said, according to a report on IGN.

“The Metal Gear games are about political fiction and espionage,” Kojima observed. “Where do zombies fit in with that?”

Yoji Shinkawa, the artist and designer who gave the Metal Gear games their distinctive look, added, “If I had worked on that game, it would have mechs in it.”

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, Metal Gear Survive doesn’t exactly have the seal of approval from its creator. What impact that’ll have on its popularity remains to be seen; that Survive appears to lack Kojima’s trademark oddness – and, yes, Shinkawa’s giant mechs – may prove to be a bigger turn-off for the series’ legion fans. You can take a look for yourself at Survive in action below.

Konami released a debut trailer for the game at Gamescom 2016. Watch it and try not to fall out of your chair:

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