Men’s Short Shorts From The 70’S Should Be Back In Fashion

Published on February 4th, 2021

Seventies was a magical decade, well-known for a lot of symbols and icons. This was additionally a decade when males all around the world flaunted their legs briefly shorts. Scroll all the way down to see 25 footage, and you’ll notice why males’s short-shorts from the 70’s ought to be again in style in 2021.

1. Australian cops in informal put on

Like a boss: Australian policemen briefly pants (Seventies) from r/OldSchoolCool

2. Can anybody say “jorts”?

My dad and uncle rocking the quick jorts in 1977. from r/OldSchoolCool


3. Someone get them some sunscreen

70’s Cali rock climbers from r/OldSchoolCool


4. Dad placed on some pants

My dad along with his 1979 Z 28 Camaro and candy quick shorts. from r/OldSchoolCool


5. Dad doesn’t skip leg day

Who wears quick shorts?…My dad whereas {golfing} within the 70’s from r/OldSchoolCool


6. Shirts have been optionally available within the 70s

Dad circa 1970


7. Whose shorts are shorter?

My dad and his girlfriend in 1976. I believe his shorts are shorter than hers. from r/OldSchoolCool


8. That hair, although

Came throughout this picture of my dad within the 70’s along with his mustang and I needed to share it. from r/OldSchoolCool


9. I’m getting some Tobias Fünke vibes

My dad, his Jeep, his canine, and the 70’s. And sure, we nonetheless have that Jeep from r/OldSchoolCool


10. I suppose this was cool again then

A Man and his Comet (1978) from r/OldSchoolCool


11. I can hear his shorts


12. Who wants a basket when you’ve gotten a cockatoo?


13. I need these boots


14.  That’s fairly a view


15. Did actual shorts exist, or simply cut-offs?

Mom- 1970 somethin’ from r/OldSchoolCool


16.  A streaker on skates


Source: Vintag

 17. Even the athletic shorts have been mini


Source: Vintag

18. Do these even qualify as shorts?


Source: Vintag

19. “Strike a pose, fellas”


Source: Demilked


20. “What say we hit some tennis balls in our loincloths?”


Source: Demilked


21. These cool skate boarders knew what was up


Source: Demilked


22. Just common climbing apparel


Source: Vintag

23. Get your sweat on in your jorts


Source: Demilked

24. Shipwreck


Source: Vintag

25. The pirate hat is a pleasant contact


Source: Vntag


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