Marvel’s Avengers Game Director Reflects on Character Design Backlash

Shaun Escayg is the innovative supervisor and also author for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers, which is being created by Crystal Dynamics and also Eidos Montréal with Square Enix working as the title’s author. And at an unique Marvel’s Avengers occasion that was organized by Virgin Media in London, Den of Geek was fortunate sufficient to take a seat with Escayg for a fast conversation concerning his video game’s trip thus far.

One of the largest action in the video game’s beta advertising and marketing project was available in June 2019, with the expose of the very first trailer at E3 2019, as followers around the world listened online to see what this Avengers experience was everything about. There were lots of favorable responses, yet there was additionally a singing area of followers that shared their problem that Earth’s mightiest heroes didn’t look right in the video game video footage, regardless of this being a new connection that isn’t associated by any means to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Escayg clarified throughout our conversation that he saw this response coming: “Well, we prepared for that that would certainly be our very first difficulty, right? First [we had] to obtain our initial tale available, and also inform the followers. You understand, a great deal of individuals was available in, and also the flicks were their very first intro to the Avengers. But there’s been 80 years of Marvel background, and also a great deal of individuals neglect, yet the very first motion picture, there was a great deal of reaction with the motion picture – like, ‘That’s not Iron Man, which’s not Thor.’ So [we knew] we would certainly deal with the very same points.”

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The video game’s 2nd significant trailer, which disclosed the teen superhero Ms. Marvel (also known as Kamala Khan) as a vital usable personality, was an additional significant factor in the advertising and marketing machinations. 

“I think, as soon as we started to reveal more of our story, and Kamala Khan being sort of the center of it and that driving force, people started to realize, ‘Oh, this is something different.’ And that’s when, you know, we’re starting to reach our audience now. So, we’re pretty excited.”

Gradually dripping out info, means successful’s launch, was constantly component of the strategy.

“Yeah, it was part of the strategy to slowly, you know, get fans of the franchise in our court to see the stories we’re telling, and that it’s bigger than the movies – it’s drawing from history of, you know, 80 years of Marvel Comics history.”

Elaborating on that particular factor, Escayg referenced particular comics and also designers that have actually motivated the video game: “I suggest, a great deal of right stuff, we went right back to its origins – the old [Jack] Kirby days, and also also several of our layouts, and also also our narration is… I suggest, directly, I’m quite affected by the Marvels collection [of comics from 1994, which was written by Kurt Busiek and illustrated by Alex Ross], and also the Phil Sheldon personality that sees these journeys of these hazardous beings and also this dispute. So that became part of the motivation for this certain tale.”

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How does Escayg really feel concerning that assumption and also stress? He assumes the huge difficulty is measuring up to not just the current flicks yet additionally every one of Marvel Comics background.

“It’s a huge responsibility,” he confesses. “And you know, I think we’re up to the challenge. We’re certainly going to double down on it, for sure.”

As much as maintaining followers delighted for the video game goes, Escayg teases that there are much more discloses coming leading up to the launch of the video game. 

“I’m sure there’s gonna be more stuff,” Escayg states. “And there’s a lot that we haven’t revealed that you will experience on the stick when you get the game in your hands. This is literally just the tip of the iceberg. The story’s way more in-depth than I think people are aware of, and Kamala’s role in the Avengers has way more effect than I think people are aware of, as well.”

Marvel’s Avengers will certainly introduce on May 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, COMPUTER, and also Google Stadia. 

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