Marijuana Makes Me Actually Enjoy Doing Housework

Scary Mommy and

I’ve written earlier than that pot makes me a greater mom. I yell much less; I play with my children extra; I sit back. I’ve written that pot makes me much less anxious and fewer fearful concerning the world. I don’t freak out on a regular basis. When I freak out, I are inclined to get confused, which makes me offended, which perpetuates that yelling factor. But there’s one factor pot does for me that I’ve by no means talked about: housekeeping.

Pot does my housekeeping.

Pot does my tedious, silly duties. It does my dishes and folds my laundry. It does my massive duties greatest, although: pot doesn’t shy from oven-cleaning, or baseboard-scrubbing, or sharpening my cupboard faces. Pot is greatest buddies with not my Doritos, however my Swiffer Duster. When I’ve a day of housekeeping forward, I pop on a Wilco album, smoke some weed, and get to cleansing.

And my home sparkles, motherfucker.

How I Used To Do Housework

I did housekeeping, earlier than, in all probability like each American does it: miserably, resentfully, and as shortly as doable. I lower corners. People gained’t actually look in that loo, I’d cause. My children? They may dig their garments, unfolded, out of baskets. They didn’t want their shirts folded of their drawers. They’d solely tear them aside. Baseboards soiled? We owned canines. High cabinets wanted dusted? I’m sorry, are you my mom? 

I resented all of it. I did the naked minimal. Housework took me away from actual life. It was a sequence round my ankle, a relic stinking of Fifties housewifery, even when my husband helped. Underneath all of it, after I dig deep, I assumed: who, me? Who was I to do menial housekeeping? Why ought to I wash home windows and dishes and sticky handprints? Can’t we afford a maid but?

What a horrible method to assume. How privileged, how gross. And but: after I look at myself, I discover that I actually believed housekeeping was beneath me and my time. I had higher issues to do than dishes.

How I Do My Housework Now


Housework is primarily a sequence of senseless, repetitive duties. We can view them this fashion, and we’re doomed to drudgery. However, there’s a protracted cultural historical past that finds pleasure and that means in that very same drudgery. No, don’t tune me out but. Famed mindfulness practitioner Thich Nhat Hanh noticed nothing fallacious with repetitive labor; monks see it as a method to serve God.

But let’s set the monks apart, as a result of they might get overzealous about every thing. Thich Nhat Hanh talked about mindfulness: “the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us,” says It’s an artwork of doing duties intentionally, to the perfect of 1’s capability, and devoting full consideration to them whereas training gratitude.

You can do that with housekeeping, and I discover it’s best to do along with pot.

Pot’s a really expedient method to follow gratitude whereas scrubbing my baseboards. I don’t fear about making dinner. I don’t stress about my children’ grades. My life turns into targeting small spots of grime. I need to clear these spots as greatest as I can. Wilco fades as I attempt to bear in mind: I’m fortunate to have baseboards to scrub. The miracle of proudly owning baseboards: how many people on planet Earth have the identical sq. footage of baseboard I do? This says a lot about wealth and privilege there in these picket planks. So I need to maintain them clear, I need to take off these spots, as a result of I’m lucky.

It’s all very woo, I do know. But it helps me.

How It Works

Pot lends itself to deep deal with particular duties, which for some (together with me) may be an support to mindfulness. Through mindfulness, housekeeping turns into one thing greater than silly work now we have to complete so we will get on with actual life.

Take folding for example. Folding garments turns into greater than tossing shirts into baskets, an annoying process that have to be finished as shortly as doable. It’s purposeful labor; it have to be finished proper, and thoroughly, with gratitude for the clothes and love for these it belongs to. There is nothing aside from folding garments. It’s not a time to think about one thing else. It’s not a time to want you have been completed. Folding garments is paying consideration to folding garments: creasing tiny shirts, piling small pants, holding them up and deciding: which youngster does this shirt belong to? It instructions and calls for full consideration. Pot can get me there (principally, I imply — nobody’s excellent).

Once housekeeping turns into one thing extra, we’ve freed ourselves from distress and located one thing else on the opposite facet: a form of peace, a function. We have realized one thing about life and its worth. Pot calms my thoughts sufficient to get me into that headspace about my housekeeping.

It’s value it.

And when a toddler interrupts me, I can take that interruption easily, seeing them as an individual in want, not somebody despatched from hell to pester me. Pot chills me out. Sure, I sound like somebody’s loopy hippie mother. And perhaps I’m. If so, convey it on — simply convey me some inexperienced with it, please.

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