Magic: The Gathering – The Most Commonly Built Competitive Decks

Cavalier of Thorns, a mythic rare from the 2020 Core Set, has also been known to appear. It is a 5 converted mana, 5/6 knight with reach that discards five top cards of the deck when cast.


Average Overall Price: $106

Always be wary of the monoliths of red and black in standard. These decks are often cheap, cheerful, and seriously irritating to play against as they weaponize inexpensive combos to put you out of business. 

A rare heavy aggro black deck is currently quite popular, using the aforementioned Lurrus, as well as Ikoria mythic rare Fiend Artisan. For 2-black-or-green, Fiend Artisan is a 1/1 that gets +1/+1 for each creature in your graveyard, and has the power to sacrifice creatures to summon other creatures for the same converted mana cost. At around $17, the Fiend brings plenty of bang for the buck.

The tricky Rankle, Master of Pranks is another mainstay, a mythic rare from Throne of Eldraine floating around $12 or so. The 3/3 creature with flying and haste forces each player to discard a card, lose one life or sacrifice a creature every time it deals damage, a true agent of chaos. On the cheaper end, Ravnica Allegiance rare Gutterbones is a steady frontline troop, a 1-black 2/1 that can be returned from the graveyard to your hand any time you can play a sorcery if your opponent has lost life. At $2.50, you can have a full platoon without breaking the bank.

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