Loop Hero tips for beginners – what you should know before you play

If you’re simply getting began in Loop Hero, and are searching for some newbie suggestions and methods, look no additional. In case you haven’t began your journey but, right here’s the state of affairs: the world as we all know it has been destroyed by The Lich, and it’s our job to rebuild actuality.

As the Loop Hero units out on their expedition down a randomly generated path, you possibly can place numerous playing cards down to regulate their journey, and generate loot, assets, and enemies. These playing cards drop from monster encounters; they’re drawn from a deck that you just construct earlier than every outing. You received’t get far by chucking down playing cards everytime you get them – the bottom line is to handle the Loop Hero’s journey by feeding them a manageable weight loss plan of foes and buffing up the board to maintain the regen coming.

If you wait till you full a loop and arrive again on the camp to go again residence, you’ll depart with all of your assets; when you determine to retreat mid-loop, you’ll solely preserve 60% of them. Die, and also you’ll retain a meagre 30%, so it’s vital to play it secure.

Loop Hero newbie suggestions and methods

To learn the way to get probably the most of each loop, right here’s all the things you have to know earlier than you play Loop Hero.

Cards and placements

Each time you play a card, the bar within the high left hand facet, subsequent to the cranium, fills up. Once this bar is full, the boss will spawn. This means you have to take into consideration putting your playing cards tactically, so as to maximise your earnings earlier than the boss arrives. Once the boss spawns, although, you don’t must combat him – you possibly can nonetheless retreat to camp and return one other day. Simply enter the starting stage on the sq. earlier than the camp, and you may head again with all of your assets.

You can solely maintain 13 playing cards in your hand without delay; any extra playing cards you obtain will ship your oldest card off to turn out to be Memory Fragments. Ten reminiscence fragments make a Book of Memories.

The circles on the high of every card point out the place they are often positioned. Full spheres point out it may be positioned on the street, half spheres imply roadside, and empty means within the open.

Battlefield playing cards offer you loot chests which can be scaled to the present loop degree, so it’s best to place them as early within the loop as attainable.

A Loop Hero loop in which a Grove has been removed from a tile next to the Blood Grove, transforming it into a Hungry Grove

When positioned adjoining to at least one one other, sure combos of playing cards give extra advantages, or modify the terrain indirectly. Oblivion playing cards take away positioned playing cards, which might additionally end in new combos. For instance; eradicating a Village after putting a Field tile subsequent to it is going to flip it into an Overgrown Field, which spawns Field of Blades enemies.

We suggest you save up Oblivion playing cards; they’re significantly helpful for eradicating Lich Palaces that spawn alongside the boss, weakening him – or just for eradicating any monster-generating tile that’s inflicting you bother.

  1. Placing a meadow subsequent to a non-meadow creates a blooming meadow, which provides an additional HP per day.
  2. Placing a 3×3 grid of rocks or mountains creates a mountain peak, which will increase HP and spawns Harpies. This can solely occur as soon as per map.
  3. Completely surrounding the Treasury with different playing cards offers you a one-time bounty of bonus assets, however the high quality is determined by what number of loops you’ve accomplished, so wait some time earlier than finishing this combo.

There are many extra combos – discovering out for your self is all a part of the enjoyable.

The Loop Hero necromancer class in combat alongside two summoned skeletons


The three Loop Hero courses are:

  • Warrior: The Warrior is the essential class you begin with. The harm they deal will increase because the battle goes on, so specializing in constructing a tanky hero with excessive HP and Vampirism is the way in which to go.
  • Necromancer: The Necromancer is unlocked with the Crypt, and summons skeletons to do battle on their behalf. Your gear impacts how sturdy these skeletons are, the varieties of skeletons that seem to combat for you, and the way a lot HP your barrier defend has.
  • Rogue: The Rogue is unlocked with the Refuge. They don’t choose up loot from foes – as an alternative, they obtain trophies, which they commerce in for loot after finishing a loop. This means they pay money for higher loot than the opposite courses. They’re additionally in a position to twin wield weapons, however can’t equip shields.

The Loop Hero building menu, with several upgrades completed


To start with, you wish to deal with gathering assets so you possibly can construct and improve your base camp.

Once you construct the Gymnasium, you unlock the flexibility to degree up and select new traits throughout a loop. The means you’re supplied is randomly chosen out of your class desk, so it’s as much as you to determine which most closely fits that individual tour. This additionally unlocks Village playing cards, which offer you quests to obtain extra expertise and loot.

Upgrading your Field Kitchen to a Diner will heal you earlier than a boss combat. The Smelter offers you an Arsenal card, which permits you an additional gear slot. The Herbalist’s Hut unlocks potions, and the Supply Depot permits you to craft one random meals merchandise, or one random meals.

The Loop Hero fights two ratwolves

Combat and gear

Fighting is automated, so that you’re largely going to take a seat again and watch it unfold – nevertheless, gear might be modified mid battle when you so select. You have a stamina bar beneath your well being bar once you combat; a bigger model of your well being bar can be on the correct, above your stock. After you unlock potions by constructing a Herbalist’s Hut, there’s a notch in your well being bar; when your well being drops thus far, you’ll routinely drink a potion.

When defeated, enemies will often drop gadgets. There are 4 completely different rarities for gadgets; gray, blue, yellow, and orange, every rarity degree offering an extra stat increase – so gray gadgets have one stat increase, blue has two, yellow has three, and orange 4. Percentage-based buffs will scale significantly better than flat numerical buffs. You can maintain as much as twelve items of kit without delay; any extra will trigger the oldest gear (on the underside proper) to be transformed into Scrap Metal.

Magic harm ignores protection, and protection subtracts a set quantity of harm from every assault. Be cautious to not enhance your assault velocity an excessive amount of when taking part in as a rogue or warrior; that is further vital as a rogue. This is as a result of when you run out of stamina, you incur a heavy evasion penalty. At the beginning of every loop, deal with protection, moderately than assault. If you mow by way of foes too quick, fewer monsters will spawn; it’s higher if it takes you longer to progress around the loop.

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Right-click to enter planning mode throughout fight so you possibly can have a second to plan after fight finish, earlier than your hero wanders into the following tile.

Those are all of the Loop Hero suggestions we’ve obtained for you. If you’ve forgotten all of it already, head again to the highest and browse it once more, as many instances as you want.

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