Let’s talk About Migraines––5 People Share Their Experiences

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Everyone has heard of migraine complications. Lots of people use the phrase “migraine” to explain any painful headache, however migraine is greater than only a headache. Migraine ache might be actually debilitating. Sensitivity to gentle and sound make “powering through” a migraine assault merely unattainable. Many migraine victims expertise nausea and vomiting, the complications can final for days, and so they go away an individual feeling battered and fatigued.

Migraine complications can have quite a lot of completely different triggers, or no discernible set off in any respect. They can come on slowly, or hit you out of nowhere. They include a slew of different signs that make functioning usually subsequent to unattainable.

I had my first migraine assault after I was twenty-one.

I used to be on a enterprise journey with my father. My neck felt just a little stiff all day, however I blamed it on the lengthy automotive trip. When we arrived at our vacation spot, we went on to a enterprise dinner, and that’s the place issues took a flip.

My imaginative and prescient was good again then, however my menu regarded blurry. The complete restaurant appeared very overly brilliant. I attempted to push by means of, however by the point we acquired our meals, I had a pulsing ache that felt prefer it was behind my proper eye. I pushed my meals round just a little bit, however I couldn’t make myself eat. The ache in my head was rapidly progressing from distracting to actually painful. I managed to make it by means of the meal, however by the point we acquired again to the lodge, it was excruciating. My head was pounding like a drum. I felt like somebody was attempting to flee from inside my head by hammering their means out. I used to be nauseous, vomiting, and I couldn’t stand even the dimmest gentle. I used to be unable to do something however lie in mattress with a shawl over my eyes, hoping it will go away.

My father known as my physician for me, and we adopted her instructions. Nothing over-the-counter was serving to, I used to be in a metropolis I didn’t know, and I didn’t know what else to do, so I rode it out.

That first headache continued for over 48 hours. When the ache subsided, I spent the entire subsequent day exhausted. I nonetheless had a uninteresting, delicate headache, my limbs felt like concrete, and my thoughts was foggy for an additional 24 hours or so after the worst of the ache was gone.

Little did I do know that my first assault was one in every of many.


Over the subsequent few years, I skilled no less than one or two debilitating complications a month, and had much less extreme complications nearly each single day. My migraine assaults had been normally preceded by a warning signal, like a stiff neck for a day or two earlier than the headache. A couple of minutes earlier than the ache began, I might expertise an “aura” which for me normally regarded like blurred imaginative and prescient and shimmery sparkles in my peripheral imaginative and prescient. Over time I realized that if I began treating the headache on the first signal of an aura, the ache could be much less intense and never final as lengthy. Eventually, the worst of the ache would solely final round six to eight hours, as a substitute of two days.

As any frequent migraine sufferer will attest, I used to be extraordinarily fortunate to solely have a pair assaults a month.

I used to be luckier nonetheless when my migraine assaults appeared to vanish altogether after the delivery of my first baby. Since he was born eight years in the past, I’ve solely had 4 or 5 migraine complications that I can bear in mind.

My expertise with migraine was actually a cakewalk in comparison with the way in which some individuals combat to dwell comfortably with a power headache situation. Five migraine victims agreed to share their tales with Scary Mommy.

Here’s what they needed to say.

“First, my vision goes blurry like an old TV screen, then my vision gets back to normal. I know that in about 30 minutes, I will get a migraine behind one of my eyes. I’m useless. I have to go to sleep and put the pillow over my head. My head is sore for 2-3 days after.” –Sadie L.

“I have chronic migraines (15 or more a month). They have so many variations. You can have vertigo, nausea, pain can be on different levels or scales. I’ve been to multiple doctors and neurologists. Mine typically start behind my right eye and can actually feel like sinus pressure initially. If I can’t get it under control within an hour or 2 with an abortive med, it can be bad for days. I’m not able to function during bad attacks and spend a lot of time in bed during them. I just started getting Botox from a neurologist. It’s 30-40 injections in less than 15 minutes and in different places (specific nerves blocked). I will get it every 3 months as long as my frequency and pain level are reduced by 50 percent or more.” –Michele A.

“An arrow shoots straight through my eyeball and magnifies every one of my senses until I can’t stand light, sound, smell, or touch and would rebel at anything going into my stomach. My brain feels like it’s trying to explode out my ears if I’m not in full isolation stillness for hours, preferably unconscious.” –Amanda B.

“I started getting migraines when I was sixteen, and we never could isolate a cause. They would hit me out of nowhere; no build up, no aura. Just blinding pain in one side of my head that went from a 1 to a 10 within 20 minutes to an hour. Nothing we did at home ever helped. I felt like if I could just drill a hole in my skull, I could let the pressure out. Finally, my doctor told my mother to take me to hospital for a shot of pain relief when they started. I would sleep off the pain in the ER on IV fluids. My headaches continued into my early twenties then tapered off. I’ve had a kidney stone, delivered two babies, dislocated my knee, and fallen down a flight of stairs onto my chin. I’d do any of those things again before I would suffer one more migraine.” –Jeanne S.

“My migraines start as mild headaches, and progress to full-blown migraine attacks. When I was younger, they came on fast, within an hour or so. Now they seem to creep on slowly over a day or so. Nothing helps. I take the maximum dosage of my medication, and I get no relief. I have to be in total darkness and just wrestle with pounding pain that I can’t even sleep through. It takes about 24-hours for the tension to release. The headache subsides slowly like it comes on.” –Emily D.

Migraine complications are a standard situation, affecting thousands and thousands of individuals within the U.S. yearly.

That’s why most of us are accustomed to the time period. There are different, much less generally mentioned kinds of migraine assaults, too. Ocular migraines could cause imaginative and prescient disturbances with out headache ache. There are even stomach migraines, which regularly happen in kids and trigger abdomen ache and vomiting. Complex migraines could cause stroke-like signs, like slurred and confused speech. (Who can neglect reporter Serene Branson who suffered a fancy migraine on dwell tv after the Grammy Awards in 2011?)

If you assume you’re experiencing migraine complications, name your physician straight away.  It’s usually a protracted highway, however they will attempt that will help you handle your complications and dwell your life with much less ache.

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