Kylo created Snoke, the MCU splits up, and, sigh, Bran’s the Night King: The week’s craziest fan theories

This is an outdated fan principle. It’s additionally one of the well-liked fan theories. It can also be a horrible fan principle, one which refuses to die, rising from the grave periodically with every new, twisted piece of misguided “evidence.” It is my nemesis.

Anyway, the “Bran is the Night King” crowd bought some new wind of their sails due to the brand new Game of Thrones teaser, which confirmed Jon Snow, Sansa, and Arya strolling into the Winterfell crypts. Bran is not there, however there’s frost, ergo Bran is secretly within the trailer as a result of Bran is the Night King.

If you are an adherent to the “Bran is the Night King” principle, there’s in all probability nothing that may be mentioned that may dissuade you from the idea at this level. But let’s study why Bran may’ve been lacking from that trailer. He’s a a lot much less well-liked character than Jon, Sansa, or Arya, to begin. Heck, HBO simply did not have him within the present for a whole season, it isn’t too loopy to assume they wouldn’t wish to over-complicate a trailer by wheeling him into Winterfell’s crypts alongside together with his siblings.

As for the frost? Remember the primary Season eight teaser? Well, a bunch of frost took over the carved Westeros-shaped desk that sits in Dragonstone. There weren’t any characters in that teaser, however that does not imply they’re the Night King.

This is all folly, although. The solely approach the “Bran is the Night King” principle might be put to mattress is when the present ends with out confirming it (both that or I’m going to should eat a whole lot of s***). But, c’mon. The largest thriller all through all the present — the thriller that bought David Benioff and D.D. Weiss their job as Game of Thrones‘ showrunners — was “who is Jon Snow, really?”

There have been clues all through, and it was a thriller many years within the making that was solely absolutely revealed within the penultimate season. What type of storytelling would it not be to one-up the central, identity-based twist of the present with one other one involving some actually contrived time journey in the identical remaining stretch of episodes the place they should resolve that first identity-based twist?

Bad storytelling. It could be dangerous storytelling. 

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