Kevin Spacey Makes Surprise Appearance During Pretrial Hearing

9: 09 AM PT — A couple of essential takeaways from Monday’s hearing: 

— Spacey’s lawful group wishes to obtain their hands on the claimed target’s real phone since they think they can draw out messages that they declare have actually currently been removed, which the prosecution fell short to supply in their very own electronic download of the information. 

— Spacey’s lawful group likewise wishes to find the claimed target’s mommy’s phone, since they think that also might consist of messages or details that might aid Spacey’s situation.

— The protection begged with a court to send this situation to test ASAP, as they think the prosecution is improperly prepared to persevere … which they submitted costs too soon without having all their ducks straight. Unfortunately for Kevin and also co., that ain’t gonna take place anytime quickly … the court states the nature of the situation and also the juror choice procedure alone doesn’t permit a test to begin till a minimum of the loss. Kevin Spacey captured a great deal of individuals by shock Monday — revealing his face at a pretrial hearing in his searching situation.

The disgraced star remains in a Massachusetts court house now challenging with a court in a pretrial hearing, which concerns proof his lawful group has actually been attempting to get from the prosecution group — particularly, mobile phone information from the claimed target. 

Spacey’s lawyer gripes that the prosecution had accessibility to the claimed target’s phone in late 2017 for regarding 2 weeks, and also did not divulge that to the protection till really lately … which Spacey’s attorney is pissed over. He thinks there’s exculpatory proof on that particular phone that can aid show Spacey’s virtue, which the prosecution was deliberately concealing it.

Even crazier … Spacey’s lawyer asserts that messages were removed from the phone that referred to the claimed target’s “frat boy” propensities, and also he was never ever warned of that previously. He likewise states a great deal of messages and also screenshots on the individual’s phone have actually been “cleansed” and also removed that might injure their situation. Long tale short … he’s furious. 

KS has actually been a no-show for most of hearings in this situation, so he amazed every person by turning up matched and also started Monday early morning. The last time he remained in court was January, when he was arraigned in the event … in which he begged innocent. He turned up in L.A. a pair months later on.

Originally Published — 8: 46 AM PT

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