Kevin Hart Shoots Down Oscar De La Hoya’s Boxing Deal, Are You Crazy?!

Kevin Hart

Shoots Down De La Hoya’s Boxing Deal

… Are You Crazy?!


Sorry, Oscar De La Hoya … you will certainly NOT be earning money off Kevin Hart‘s boxing career — ’create the star claims there’s no chance in HECK he’s actioning in the ring genuine!!!

If ya missed it … Hart tackled online poker celebrity Antonio Esfandiari in an enjoyable event match a couple of weeks back, as well as De La Hoya informed us he was terminated up regarding the possibility to be Hart’s boxing marketer.

At the moment, Oscar stated, “If he wants a promoter, Kevin, give me a call. I can put you on the big stage here in Vegas live on DAZN.”

When we obtained Hart out in New York City today … we needed to inquire about Oscar’s deal — as well as Hart couldn’t close down The Golden Boy quicker!!!

“Boxing? I’m 40 years old!” Hart stated .. “I can’t box at this age.”

It’s a large disappointment … thinking about there was currently SUBSTANTIAL passion in Hart’s competing sesh with Esfandiari — large celebrities like Jonah Hill as well as Don Cheadle had ringside seats.

But, Kevin did leave the door open for a rematch with Antonio in a couple of years … so possibly call Oscar after that???

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