J.F. Sebastian in ‘Blade Runner’ ‘Memba Him?!

Memphis-born William Sanderson is best known for his role as the chess-playing replicant designer, J.F. Sebastian — who double-crosses his mentor, Dr. Eldon Tyrell, and brings a fast-aging and desperate replicant to his penthouse — in the classic 1982 version of the futuristic film, “Blade Runner.”

Sanderson scared the big screen with an awesome cast of actors including Joe Turkel as Dr. Tyrell, Rutger Hauer as the killer, Roy Batty, Sean Young as the engineered love interest, Rachael … and of course, Harrison Ford as the humanoid-hunting blade runner, Rick Deckard.

William Sanderson has also taken on other notable roles including E.B. Farnum in “Deadwood” and Sheriff Bud Dearborne in “True Blood.”

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