“It’s f*cking Coldplay, dude”, Sonam Kapoor on her cameo in Coldplay’s video

People made enjoyable of the three photographs that Sonam Kapoor was, in Coldplay’s “Hymn For the Weekend” music video. Numerous them mentioned that the video appropriates fairly than us appreciating Indian tradition, and the remainder have been making enjoyable of Sonam’s cameo.

If you ask us, we completely beloved her look in it and can’t deny the truth that she was trying like an extremely lovely dream. And it occurs in order that she has 0 fucks to provide about what folks need to say about it. Like on this interview for Gulf News, she mentioned,

First of all, I’m in a Chris Martin video and I’m an enormous fan of Coldplay…. And if anyone informed me at 16 that I used to be going to be in a [Coldplay] video, I might go: “shut up”. So when Chris Martin’s agent informed my agent that they actually like [me] and so they need [me] to do a cameo, my agent was like: “it’s just three shots.” But I used to be like “it’s f*cking Coldplay, dude.” I get VIP entry to them without end. So on my birthday, I get to take all my pals for a live performance. I get VIP entry to their live shows without end and I’m going to make them sing Yellow to me. This is sweet. When I used to be in highschool, I listened to “Yellow” from Coldplay and “Wonderwall” from Oasis and I used to cry and puzzled if anybody would sing me these songs to me. And there I’m, doing this video. Everybody is happening about these three photographs alone.


Well mentioned, Sonam! We are completely with you on this.

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