Is Color Affecting the Temperature of Your Car?

Nowadays, every person can afford a car, whether it is second-hand or brand new. Well, buying such a big thing is a one-time investment, and it is quite challenging to change or replace your old one. Therefore, it is necessary to decide wisely what type of vehicle you want to purchase. There are plenty of options on different online portals like Wapcar, where you can check out the car reviews, news, specifications, like color, engine type, brand, price, etc.

You need to pick one that matches your requirements. Everyone has different needs when they look for cars. But many people have a question in their mind whether the vehicle’s color affects the vehicle temperature. Well, the answer is yes. In the following write-up, we will discuss how it is possible and check what happens when you buy different shades’ automobiles. After clearing all the doubts, you will be able to decide a better option for you.

Reason Behind the Temperature Change Due to Car Color

There is a concept of thermodynamics, which is merely simple to understand. Every color reflects the light differently. After reflection, some colors absorb the light and convert it into heat. This is how it affects the temperature of the vehicle. Let us consider Black shade. It can absorb all types of visible lights in the spectrum, and therefore, it emits more heat than white.

In other words, dark-colored cars emit more heat as compared to light-colored ones. If the energy absorption is less, then the heat emission will also be less. This concept is valid in both interior and exterior colors. If you have an interior in black shade, then also your automobile will become hot in sunlight. If you stay in an extremely hot place, then you must prefer light-colored cars.

The distribution of heat is equally and quickly done in dark colors, and it means that you can experience the surface hot in a few minutes. You will experience such things in light shades like white or silver. These are comparatively cooler and preferable in summers. But many people make choices according to what they like and how they keep it.

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How Can Color of Car Interior Affect its Temperature?

When the interiors of cars like steering wheels, seats, dashboards, etc., are in black or dark color, they get hot quickly than light shades. If you park your vehicle in the sunlight and sit in after some time, you will experience that the seats get badly hot. Some people prefer cloth seat covers because it absorbs less heat than leather. It is necessary to cover the steering wheel to avoid getting hot.

If you do so, then you will not find any difficulty while driving your hot vehicle. In some vehicles, people install wooden knobs on the steering wheels or window tinting because wood is a poor conductor of heat, and it will remain cool. Therefore, the temperature of the car also depends on the color of the interior.

What About Other Colors Than Black and White?

Not every person likes black and white shade. They may have a different choice in terms of vehicle shade. Many brands come out with different vehicle models available in different shades like red, orange, yellow, green, platinum, gray, etc. Now, the question arises whether these colors also affect the temperature of the automobile. The answer is yes.

Well, you should not worry a lot because no one can compromise with his needs and likes. You can do certain things to prevent your vehicle from getting hot in summers. Some remedies will help you keep your automobile cool, and if you follow them, you can buy any model of any color.

How to Keep Dark-colored Cars Cool?

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There are different ways to keep your car cool, even if you purchased the one in dark shade.

  • Park Your Car in the Shade

It is the most simple and obvious thing that you can do to keep your vehicle cool. You have to park your automobile in a cool shade so that it does not affect the car’s temperature. This thing is necessary to do on sunny and hot days. If you do this remedy, then your automobile will remain cool.

You can purchase sunshades that fit perfectly on your automobile’s windshield. It will help in resisting too much sunlight entering your car. If you want to reduce the greenhouse effect, then you consider this vehicle accessory. You can get the sunshade in different styles, which can fit any windshield. Blocking sunlight is an affordable solution to prevent your interior from getting hot.

You can tint your windows to block sunlight entering through your windows. It will help in keeping the temperature of the vehicle cool on sunny and hot days. It is one of the perfect ways to prevent the greenhouse effect.

  • Cover Your Car Seats and Steering Wheel

You need to spend some money on the covers of the steering wheel and seats. You must prefer towel-like material for covering them. The cloth is a bad conductor of heat, and it helps in regulating the hot temperature of the car. If you park your automobile in the sunlight, and when you return, you will be able to sit and touch the steering wheel because it will not get too hot. You can get high-quality covers of any brand of your choice.

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The Bottom Line

The color of the car interior, as well as the exterior, affect the temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to prefer light shades than dark ones because the light absorption and heat emission are relatively less. But not everyone loves to buy black or white shade.

They may prefer different colors, like red, orange, yellow, blue, etc. With some remedies, it is easy to regulate the temperature and keep the temperature relatively cool. If you follow them, then you can buy an automobile of any shade of your choice.

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