Information on how to keep your bathtub clean, fresh, and new!


Amongst all the household chores, cleaning bathtub is a tough one. However, everything has two sides to it. So is the case with cleaning the bathtub. Below are some tips that can help you clean the bathtub with the help of an easier methodology than ever before:


  • Cleaning Depends on The Finish:


There are a plenty of bathtubs available in the market, each having a different finish. The most common are:


  • Porcelain
  • Enamel
  • Acrylic
  • Fiberglass


If the bathtub has a plastic look then it is either acrylic or fiberglass coated. If not, then it has an enamel or porcelain coating. Today, there are various types of materials that are used in the making of the bathtub like copper and stone. Because of its make, every tub has a thumb rule for cleaning. Ensure you do not use any cleaning products that can hinder the finish of your tub. Also, if you do not know which bathtub you need to purchase the next time depending upon the finishing, try searching for comfortable bathtub reviews on the internet.



  • Pick A Cleaner of Your Choice:


If you search the internet today, we shall find a variety of options in the cleaning section. Some also go for DIY cleaning products. If you are one of those, who want to avoid the usage of toxic chemicals and ingredients on your tub to protect its finish then washing the tub with the help of a baking soda and water would be enough.

Another method to clean the tub by home solutions is by using warm vinegar and dish detergent. Do not forget to use a scrub pad for cleaning purposes.


  • How to Deal with Stains Depending on The Finish of The Tub:


A bathtub with stains does not look very pleasing when you enter your bathroom. Here is an ultimate guide that will help you to get rid of these stains depending upon the finish of your bathtub


  • Enamel:


If your tub has an enamel finish, then staying away from bleach is a great option. Instead, go for products that have mild ingredients such as, baking soda and water.  


  • Acrylic:


This material is known for its stain resistant quality, however, if you ever experience any stain then simply using a mixture of dishwashing soap and hot water will do. If this does not work well for you, then try using a normal white toothpaste on the stain – a rumor that may turn out to be true for you.


  • Porcelain:


You may be using bleach on stains if you have a tub with the porcelain finish. The results of bleach are amazing, however, in the long run, the bleach makes the finish look dull. Using baking soda and water will help you get rid of these stains quickly. You can also use vinegar and water to remove these stains. If these do not work for you, try using dishwashing soap.


Remember, cleaning itself is a big task and if a wrong cleaning product is used then t can ruin the overall look of your tub.

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