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3 Types of Network Monitoring Software

The objective of installing network monitoring software is purely to manage computers that are connected to local area network. The software is designed to help manage other resources and services on the network such as printers, routers and servers among other things. By using the software, this makes it possible to restrict computers to have access on shared network like printers and other resources. This is the reason why network monitoring software isn’t just useful for big organizations but for smaller ones as well.

Whether you believe it or not, there are different kinds of software programs that could be chosen and these include bandwidth monitoring, device monitoring and security software.

Number 1. Bandwidth monitoring – bandwidth is basically the rate of data being transferred overt the network. Higher bandwidth is likely more expensive for the company. And for this reason, many different companies are doing the best that they can to optimize the use of their bandwidth to avoid waste of data.

Bandwidth monitoring software is beneficial by means of checking the bandwidth used in a daily basis. The software is capable of identifying which computers or applications are using big bandwidths in the network.

Number 2. Device monitoring – in this kind of software, it is used mainly for monitoring activities of every device and computer connected to the network. The software program can help to keep constant watch on the activities of computers. This software is very useful too in monitoring employees to ensure that none of them waste their time to unproductive activities.

So for example, if the network administrator found out that a big amount of data is downloaded on this particular computer, they can check easily what is being downloaded. In the event that it is not relevant to the company, then they can confront that employee and ask him/her to stop the activity; otherwise he/she will be reported to the management.

If these kinds of activities would go unnoticed, then it can lead to problems for the company due to increased use in bandwidth as well as lower productivity from the employees because they are engaged in activities that aren’t business related.

Number 3. Security software – it is extremely important to have a strong and impenetrable network security in the organization. At the same time, this is one of the biggest tasks being performed by network administrators. The reason for this is that, there are a number of available complex tools at the hacker’s disposal which can help them to have accessibility to system and other sensitive data.

With this being said, security software needs to be powerful and at the same time, effective to prevent and thwart attempts of hacking.

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