Hy-Vee Shopper Finds Snack Pack That Includes Cheese And Fireball

Eva Sileo/Twitter

Wash down your 2020-appropriate snack pack with a tiny bottle of Fireball

When Twitter person Eva Sileo discovered herself strolling the aisles of her Hy-Vee not too long ago, she by no means imagined absolutely the gem she’d encounter: a snack pack that included apple cheddar cheese, Ritz crackers, and a tiny bottle of Fireball.

Sileo discovered the grownup Lunchable on the Coralville, IA Hy-Vee when she was out on a grocery run and snapped an image for posterity’s sake, captioning it merely, “okay hyvee.” If there was a time capsule for 2020, it will embrace bathroom paper, a masks, hand sanitizer, a vile stuffed with tears, one Xanax, and this snack tray.

Now, Hy-Vee really sells a platter known as the Party Pleasing Snacking Tray, however I might argue if it doesn’t embrace Fireball, how pleasing is it, actually? Plus, this little quantity suits completely underneath your sweatshirt if it’s essential to conceal in your closet away from your loved ones.

Sileo informed Scary Mommy that she needed to do a double take when she first came across it. “I actually didn’t think anything of it when I first glanced over it, but then I walked bout ten feet away and turned around to do a double-take because I realized how funny it was,” she stated.

Fortunately, for anybody close to the Coralville, IA location, she didn’t really buy it. “I did not buy it because I don’t really drink fireball and I’m okay with that decision,” she joked, “but I hope someone did who will find it handy.” She additionally added that she loves “imagining who that person might be,” and I truthfully can’t blame her. (It’s me. I’m particular person.)

While the cracker to cheese ratio on this snack pack is a titch regarding, when you tuck into the bottle of Fireball, you’ll doubtless not be bothered. You may also pair it with some Fireball eggnog and have the right pre-holiday dinner (or breakfast, nobody’s watching).

Fireball is a staple at tailgating earlier than soccer video games, school events, and, in keeping with my husband, golf outings, which is information to me. But since none of these are occurring proper now with a worldwide pandemic nonetheless raging, it appears solely becoming that we get pleasure from some at house. Thanks to Hy-Vee, now we are able to.

The tray is the right measurement, too (i.e., it’s too small to share), so that you’ll need to tempo your self relying on the time of day.

Sileo stated she was “definitely surprised” at how shortly it acquired shared. “Even though 260ish likes isn’t huge for the internet, it’s definitely big reach for my account compared to usual,” she stated.

I’m pondering she could have uncovered a literal treasure within the aisles of everybody’s favourite grocery retailer (at the least within the Midwest) and that calls for for this good trio will probably be heard far and vast within the coming days.

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