Hurom H-AI Juicer Review: It’s Too Expensive, and Juice Isn’t All That Good for You Anyway

Driving throughout the border into Canada late this summer time, the CBC anchor on the radio introduced {that a} glut of blueberries had pushed their costs right down to historic lows. Having introduced a flowery new juicer with me, I sensed a chance.

The juicer behind the automobile was a Hurom H-AI, a type of Maserati of juice machines, with a strong motor that offers it a near-unflappable capacity to liquefy no matter you throw within the hopper.

The Hurom H-AI has a strong motor that offers it a near-unflappable capacity to liquefy no matter you throw within the hopper.

It is a really efficient machine, nevertheless it had quite a lot of convincing to do if I used to be going to love it, because the rattling factor prices $700—a quantity that created a hurdle I used to be frightened I could not clear.

I dropped off my spouse Elisabeth and the juicer at my mother-in-law’s home and headed to the produce retailer, returning with a mammoth flat of blueberries and 50 loonies value of different fruit and veggies to throw in there.

Just a few years again, I reviewed one of many H-AI’s predecessors, the Hurom HH Elite, and was curious to see what adjustments have been in retailer. The main variations turned out to be the streamlining of the machine, and an additional hopper, this one a basket-like “self-feeding” quantity, permitting you to dump meals in there en masse. I additionally questioned if the “AI” in its title stood for “artificial intelligence,” however as a substitute, an organization rep advised me that the letters have “no meaning.”

As I unpacked these elements and equipment—13 to 15 of them, relying on the way you depend them—they unfold out far sufficient to cowl a whole dishcloth, with sufficient ins and outs that I began to want the juicer got here with its personal pegboard.

Still, that new hopper was good. I may chop up some fruit and dump it in there with abandon thanks, partially, to a multi-armed spindle that twirls round and retains issues shifting towards the auger. For most meals, it is a marked enchancment over the normal chute hopper.

This comfort doesn’t imply much less prep is concerned. Unless it is one thing like these blueberries which simply want a fast rinse, most of what you juice would require prep—washing, scrubbing, eradicating pits from stone fruits, and typically peeling. You’ll additionally want to scale back your juice-ables right down to what may very well be known as “just bigger than bite size.” This all takes some time.

I arrange the Hurom and received crushing, watching these blueberries wobble round within the hopper, then emerge as liquid by means of the strainer under, a stunning shade of violet. I used to be, nonetheless, stunned on the output—just a bit greater than half of the berries turned to juice whereas the remaining grew to become pulp. Isn’t pulp good for you? Curious, I tasted that pulp and imagined the way it may very well be unfold on toast and sprinkled with just a little sugar, or—gasp!—thrown in a blender with the juice. Almost the entire juices I made have been downright scrumptious, however the portions it took to make every glass jogged my memory why juice is so costly.

I, uh, pressed on, studying that I could not cheat and put melon spears within the new hopper: cubes go down a lot sooner. The juice was implausible. I tossed in some figs, and maybe attributable to their not-terribly-juicy nature, they have been largely squished out as pulp. I peeled and pitted a mango, juiced that and—apologies for dishonest right here—however I threw the juice and the pulp within the blender with some yogurt and known as it a rattling effective lassi. Later, I chopped up some tomatoes, threw them in and, whereas I hoped it will make one thing that I may flip into tomato sauce (alas, too skinny!), it did make some beautiful juice. Carrots went in subsequent, and I mixed their juice with the tomato, including salt, pepper, and a few of my mother-in-law’s Mrs. Dash seasoning, turning all of it into a stunning mix that may very well be used as a base for a gazpacho, a Bloody Mary or, this being Canada, a Caesar.

Next, I switched gears and tried kale, watching the leaves get nudged round within the hopper, then slowly spun into juice with the auger, giving me the bizarre feeling like I had a front-row view of two stomachs of a cow.

One sip revealed an intensely bitter taste paying homage to grass clippings. Elisabeth demurred once I supplied her a style, saying, “Not after that face you made. You eat everything.”

I do know individuals do not drink kale juice straight, even whether it is good for you, however stirring it into another juice can solely be a harmful course of.

So, it was nagging at me … is juice good for you? And extra importantly, am I prepared for the flak that’ll come my approach if I say something unhealthy about it? The reply to these questions has me placing on trainers.

I began with a 2017 research from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

“…while the fruits and vegetables contained in juices are heart-healthy, the process of juicing concentrates calories, which makes it much easier to ingest too many. Eating whole fruits and vegetables is preferred, with juicing primarily reserved for situations when daily intake of vegetables and fruits is inadequate,” it reads. “Until comparative data become available, whole food consumption is preferred…Guidance should be provided to maintain optimal overall caloric intake and to avoid the addition of sugars (e.g., honey) to minimize caloric overconsumption.”

The research options an illustration with three columns: “Evidence of Harm,” “Inconclusive Evidence,” and “Evidence of Benefit.” Juicing solely seems within the first two.

“We don’t have the evidence that says juice does something wonderful,” says Kevin Klatt, a PhD in molecular diet and a medical trainee on the National Institutes of Health. “Across the board, juice is better than soda, but 16 to 20 ounces [an amount adults and kids often consume] is way too many calories and too much sugar.”

Comparing juice to soda is a fairly low bar, however even when it is not a juice that runs on the sweeter facet, you are likely to run into hassle on most truth-seeking missions.

“There are very common claims that juices have magical properties,” says Klatt, “but outside of a few examples, there aren’t randomized control analyses comparing juice and most health outcomes.”

For enjoyable, I picked a juice from Hurom’s recipe ebook at random to learn it to Klatt, falling on the “Secret Woman” drink in a piece known as “Ladies Juice.” (Yes, actually.) The Secret Woman headnote talks about “vegetable estrogen,” “essential fruits,” and the pomegranate’s obvious capacity to delay menopause and keep youthful pores and skin.

“That just sounds made up,” Klatt stated, “They’re using bad logic to make a triangulation that this could be good for you. It’s extremely indirect.”

The takeaway right here appears to be: drink juice in the event you like juice, however there’s scant proof that it will do you any good.

Add It Up

So here is the half the place the maths and the practicalities of the Hurom get tough. When I used to be speaking earlier about all of these (largely) yummy juices made within the Hurom, I did not point out the entire cleansing. If you are making a combined juice, you may fudge it just a little and never do a full cleansing between totally different substances, however each time you employ the juicer, plan on spending hunk of time afterward cleansing.

Once disassembled after a juicing, it took a stable 5 minutes at hand wash the entire elements, and hand wash you shall, as not one of the elements besides the auger can go within the dishwasher. Between setup, meals prep, precise juicing, and cleanup, you are in it for lengthy whereas.

Also, for example it once more as a result of holy moly this can be a lot to pay for a juicer, the H-AI prices $700. Hurom even affords a month-to-month installment fee plan, which sounds fairly nuts; if $700 is not chump change to you, perhaps simply do not buy it. There are numerous succesful juicers on the market, together with highly-praised choices for lower than half the value of the H-AI. You ought to give these a glance in the event you’re nonetheless keen on making juice at house.

I additionally took just a little tour of my neighborhood whereas penning this evaluation, stopping by the Taproot Cafe, the place their juices run between 5 and 9 bucks. Nearby, on the grocery retailer, I may get an apple-shaped bottle of Martinelli’s apple juice for lower than two bucks, a choice of Odwalla juices for 3, and a few actually fancy manufacturers for eight.

I get that it is not precisely the identical factor, however bear with me: you possibly can go the cafe- or store-bought route and purchase wherever from about 100 to a couple hundred juices for $700, and that is ignoring the value of fruit and the time you put money into making your individual juice.

That stated, the Hurom is a well-built machine, a type of luxurious automobile on this planet of juicers. If you do quite a lot of juicing, are unfazed by the value tag, and have room for a really succesful belle objet in your countertop, knock your self out. For me, although, I’m OK with out one. If I get a longing for a pleasant, recent juice, I’ll head right down to the Taproot, or again as much as Canada for a Caesar, take pleasure in my drink and let another person cope with the cleanup.

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