How to Use Fiber Laser Marking Machine – 2020 Guide

The practice of engraving objects with the use of a machine that fires a very concentrated laser has been around for several decades. It is one of the fastest and the cleanest ways to leave a mark on an object. Since there is not any kind of physical contact during this type of engraving, this method is much more preferred for industrial uses. But, these fiber laser marking machines are becoming cheaper and more accessible for consumer use. Today, you can easily buy one for less than $300.

However, just because it is cheap and because you can order it from a website such as Amazon, does not make it a device that can easily be used. You will need to have some kind of knowledge to ensure that you are properly using it. But, it is not as difficult as an industrial machine. Those can only be operated by experts.

These newer and cheaper ones are much simpler. It uses a much smaller amount of power and it only has several options which means you cannot go wrong while trying to engrave. But, either way, it is still better to be prepared in some way instead of going at it without any previous knowledge. That is the reason why I decided to write this article which people can use as a step-by-step guide.

Understand the difference in materials

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Before you can do anything with this machine, you will need to have something that you will be able to work on. These objects that you pick to engrave will be made out of certain material. The quality of the final result will heavily depend on the difference in the material.

If you do not know, some materials are much sturdier, stronger, and harder than others. This is usually true for metals in comparison to plastics, stone, or glass. If you managed to leave a clear and intricate engraving on an object made from plastic or glass, you might have a much different result on an object that is made out of metal.

All of this comes down to the power of the laser. Naturally, it requires more power, for example, 40 W or 50 W it will be much stronger and will not have a problem leaving marks on metals. But, if it has lower power requirements that are under 25 W, it may not be strong enough to leave a proper mark on certain objects.

Keep in mind, if you want to grab a product that packs a much more powerful punch, you should expect a much higher price. So, before you make the purchase, you should probably hop on a website that sells such machines such as DXTech and ask them to tell you about their fiber laser cutting machine price. I am sure that they will respond to you as soon as possible.

Understanding this is very important because this will be your first step when you use a fiber laser marking machine. You will have to determine what kind of power you have available and on what kind of materials you are going to working on.

Make sure to follow the manual

I did mention previously that these newer and cheaper machines that you can find on eBay or Amazon are much simpler and easier to use. Yes, that is true, but I think it is still better to learn from elsewhere on how to use this machine instead of relying on your own intuition.

You are reading this guide to help you understand how to use these devices, but I cannot go into too much detail because every machine works in its own way. Many of them will require you to follow different kinds of steps.

That is why I believe that it is always best to read the manual first and then consider playing around with the different settings. Usually, manuals will explain everything you need to know about the machine in just a few pages. It will tell you about all the different settings, maintenance needs, and other important information.

However, if the product that you have bought that does not come with its own manual, you should try searching for it online. Usually, companies post such manuals in a PDF format on their website. Although, if you are still unable to find it, you may have to rely on your instinct.

Make sure you read the description of every button and every setting clearly before you press anything.

Wear your protective gear

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A lot of people believe that these cheaper laser machines are not strong enough to cause any kind of harm to a person. This is completely wrong and is a mistake that should not be made. It does not matter how much watts your device is pulling, you should always be wearing your protective gear.

You should put on the equipment even before you turn on the device. Why? Well, consider this. We are talking about a laser that is so concentrated enough to leave a mark on a metal object. Sometimes, it can even cut through weaker material such as plastic or glass. Since it can leave a mark on aluminum, iron, and stainless steel, you can imagine what it can do to your skin.

Even only a few milliseconds could severely burn your hand. Wear gloves, wear protective glasses, and make sure you stay safe at all times.

Start testing out different settings and options

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Now you finally have a good understanding of how these fiber laser marking machines work. With this knowledge, you ready and you can start playing around and testing the different settings and options on the device that you have purchased. Of course, some of those settings will provide much more power to laser and others not so much. Only then can find out what will work best for you.

After reading through this article, this step-by-step guide, I hope that I have helped you in some way when it comes to using your fiber laser marking machine.

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