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The bedroom is certainly one of the most important rooms in a house. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping and the quality of our sleep matters. It determines how we’re going to feel most of the time and how productive we’re going to be daily. It affects our health to a great extent. That’s why we need to pay a lot of attention to the comfort of our bed.

Upholstered beds are becoming very popular nowadays. They can be a great option for so many reasons. First of all, they can be very soft and comfortable, which is something we’re all looking for when buying a bed. After a long day of work, a good bed can bring huge stress relief. They provide great back support while sleeping, watching TV, reading a book, or during late-night YouTube and Instagram sessions.

For this kind of bed, you can choose any color and design you want. Modern or classic, white or bright orange – it’s your call. And because they provide countless options in every sense, people tend to buy them more often. Here are some practical tips for shopping for an upholstered fabric bed.

1. Bed Size

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When buying an upholstered bed, this is a very important part. You need to choose what dimensions of the bed would be a good fit for you. Take your room size into consideration, as well as how many (and how tall) people are going to sleep in it. Even though larger beds are more comfortable, it is not smart to think only about the comfort. If you decide to buy a large bed, you might end up with a space problem. Especially if you have built-up furniture. You don’t want to feel anxious while walking through your bedroom. Don’t be shy to test some beds while you’re in a showroom and see how you feel about them.

2. Bed Fabric

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This is a big one. When you decide to buy an upholstered bed you are going to ask yourself: which fabric should I choose? This depends on your lifestyle, who do you live with, and how interested you are in taking care of this bed material over time. Yes, sometimes a certain fabric looks nice, but don’t get carried away. There are many factors you should consider here.

If you have small kids or pets that love to run around your bedroom, you’d want to skip that beautiful, eye-catching, velvety material. In this case, you want something more resistant that can survive these everyday adventures. Always consider how the material is going to act after being used for a while. Maybe you are just not ready to be extra careful and refurnish your bed every few years. It is all fine, as long as you consider that while doing the shopping.

One more thing: fashion changes very fast. Yes, maybe something is very popular right now, but what after five years (or even less)? It is always a good choice to buy something a little bit more classic. That way, you won’t get bored in a few months and regret buying that eye-catching, colorful fabric.

3. Bed Style and Design

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As we already mentioned, for an upholstered bed you can choose absolutely any design you like. Even though you may be very excited at the moment and you want something special, slow down. You should make sure your bed aligns your bedroom style and atmosphere in it.

Different kinds of details can provide a completely different look to a bed. They can make it more stylish and fancy. For that matter, the buttons can look very beautiful and they are also very popular these days. On the other side, they can make a bed a little bit harder to maintain, so keep that in mind.

4. Bed Type

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There are many possible options for an upholstered bed type. Here are some of the usual ones:

  • The upholstered bed frame: this an extra comfortable option. Having a soft headboard and cozy cushions laying around will make this experience very calming and relaxing. You will be able to enjoy a good book before sleep while resting your head on the comfortable bed frame. They also come in various designs, so they can be a main, aesthetically pleasing detail in your room
  • The storage bed: if you have a lot of stuff lying around the room, this can be a life-saver. These beds will provide you some extra storage space and they will provide an organized and tidy look. Also, some of these beds have wooden details, which make them very stylish and sophisticated.
  • The sleigh bed frame: the thing with these beds is that they have a high headboard and footboard. You can choose this bed type primarily for its interesting look. It will instantly become the center part of the room. They come in numerous designs, so you’ll surely be able to find the one you like the best
  • The canopy bed frame: this bed can be a stunning piece of furniture in your house. It offers a simple, yet modern style that will take your room to a whole other level. If you love the minimalistic style, but you also want to go with something interesting, think about this bed type. They work best for spacious rooms.
  • The wrought-iron bed frame: this bed is based on a metal construction that comes in different shapes and sizes. This can be a very elegant option, especially when combined with Earth colors.
  • The Daybed: if you are into multifunctional furniture pieces, you have to check out these types of beds. The daybed contains a sofa and bed in one piece. It can be a great choice for anyone looking for some smaller, space-conscious furniture.

You can find some amazing upholstered beds on They offer luxurious handcrafted beds that are comfortable as well as beautiful and stylish.


Upholstered fabric beds are getting more popular nowadays and for a good reason. They allow you to choose colors, materials, and designs that matches your preferences the most. You can also find many different types of these beds and decide which one would be the best fit for your bedroom. Sleeping is so important for our overall health, so make sure you have a comfortable and cozy bed that will provide you a good night’s sleep.

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