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In different colors, types and sizes, the wide variety of designs available on the market makes them the perfect finishing touch for any occasion, but be careful, because a bad combination of earrings could ruin your look.

More and more women are choosing to wear them on their ears. All you have to do is open Instagram and see all the influencers who are following this trend.

What do they look like? It all depends on the number of holes, but in general, they take them from largest to smallest size. Sometimes they combine rings of different thicknesses, from largest to smallest. Others mix very different designs such as a hoop with a long one and across.

Today we will present you with many options to mix and match them…

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Tips for combining with pendants

On many occasions we are making the mistake of spending hours choosing clothes, shoes or makeup, leaving the earrings in the background. This accessory combined with a suitable necklace has the ability to fill any look with personality, so it is important that you pay attention to certain aspects:

Neckline type influences accessories

The cut of the clothes has a primary role when choosing accessories since depending on the type of neckline you must bet on a more daring or discreet necklace.

If you opt for a square neckline t-shirt, the ideal option is a necklace fitted to the neck accompanied by long ones to add personality to the look. But if, on the other hand, your neckline is V-shaped or round, the most recommended is a thin chain combined with simple design ones, since these types of accessories alone have enough personality.

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Color for basic looks

Necklaces and earrings are the best way to add personality and a touch of color to the most basic looks. Therefore, in cases where you opt for a total black look, we recommend choosing a matching set of striking colors.

Different accessories depending on the occasion

The clothes we choose depends on the time and place, the same goes for accessories. In this way, if what you are looking for is jewelry to complement your office looks, nina-nguyen‘srecommendation is that you bet on sophisticated designs of gold pendants, combined with simple ones or simple pendant and gold hoop earrings.

Pay attention to the details

They should not detract from the prominence of the pendants, or vice versa, but both should complement each other. So if you opt for large ones full of color, the pendant should be simple, both being made of materials of the same aspect at all times.

As you can see, combining them with pendants is very simple, you just have to give them the attention they deserve, choosing those that best suit the occasion, color or clothing.

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How to wear multiple ones in style?

The fashion of wearing multiple piercings, layers, climbers or combining the hoops with the button ones increasingly gathers more followers. To build our own style we must pay attention to space in our ear and the diversity of the designs. The latest trends when combining various ones are committed to creating a perfect balance between the most feminine ones, such as pearls or earrings, with piercings that suggest a provocative image.

Combine several small ones

The small and delicate one are a fantastic choice. They give us plenty of room to add multiple options, which will make all those layers much more visually appealing.

An ideal option is to bet on tiny gold ones suitable for sensitive ears that seek to escape from itching and redness. Solid 18-carat gold ones can be worn all day, every day, as we will hardly realize we are wearing them.

We can also combine this type with open hoops along the ear, that fit the size of our cartilage. They combine in a great way with any other normal earring we wear.

Source: The Zoe Report

Add a larger one to the combination

Minimalist ear-hugging hoop are very popular right now and for good reason. They look great on their own and are especially versatile when combined with other ones. A pair of earrings on the propeller and on the lobe represent a subtle way to introduce us to this trend.

However, we cannot have them without finding a certain balance, otherwise, our ears will be far from looking like a party and will be more like a disaster.

Think about the color

There’s nothing like colorful stones to add a touch of class to a jeweled ear. If we add brilliant white sapphires we can greatly animate our ear and they are perfect anywhere, from the lobe to the shell or the propeller.

The best ways to wear multiple earrings always follow a common theme. If we choose to combine a pair of pearl earrings with small studded ones, the combination will not be very attractive.

Wearing multiple metal earrings is easier than wearing multiple colored stone earrings at the same time, but this doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you just want to wear colored stones, make sure the shades are complementary.

Although using the same metal for the entire combination is perfectly valid, we suggest the unexpected look that results from combining gold and silver.

Source: FashionLady

Mix the delicate with the striking

If wearing multiple ear piercings isn’t daring enough for you, take your style one step further with some striking big ones.

Elegant and casual pieces work very well together when they have something in common. For example, you can create a theme in which yellow gold reigns so that they shine with a unique level of beauty. You can also create a geometric-inspired theme by combining small triangular ones with circular ear cuffs and linear dangle earrings. Use your imagination and make the pieces have a common element.


Finally, when we combine several ones it is important to also pay attention to the rest of our jewelry. If your ear has a festive look, try not to wear several too flashy pendants, thick bracelets or multi-colored rings. Add prominence to your earrings and be subtle.

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