How to Make a Mushy Rice Useful?

A majority of individuals suppose that cooking rice is a chunk of cake, however that’s absolutely not the case. Things can get incorrect very simply. It doesn’t matter how skilled you’re in cooking, dishes made from rice may give you some complications. Most doubtless, you, our reader, have your share of badly made rice dishes that ruined your lunch or night. We are going to current you with find out how to use your mushy rice for good.

See What the Problem Is

As we mentioned earlier within the article, all of us had some issues with mushy rice dishes not less than a few occasions. As folks study from their expertise, we discovered find out how to repair a bowl of mushy rice, and we determined to share this with our readers. The very first thing it’s best to see is what the issue is. Let us see what the most typical issues with rice cooking.


1. Rice Remains Hard

The cooking time size differs from the kind to sort of rice. The greatest resolution for this drawback is to observe the recipe. You simply want so as to add 1 / 4 cup of water and depart the rice for five minutes.

2. Rice is Cooked however too Wet

You must dry the surroundings you’ll cook dinner the rice in. That method you’ll keep away from moist rice which is something however tasty.

3. Burnt Rice

You ought to switch a pot stuffed with rice to a container stuffed with water rapidly. After you then simply must stay it for a few minutes, they usually switch all of the factor into one other, new bowl.

Source: The Spruce Eats

4. Mushy Rice

Mushy rice is the most typical drawback for people who find themselves having fun with cooking rice dishes.

Tricks That Can Save Your Rice Dish

Now, we’ll current you with a number of tips that may save your rice dish from changing into mushy. As we mentioned earlier, this is among the most typical issues that may happen with cooking rice.

1. Put the Mushy Rice in Microwave

Using microwave is the best resolution for fixing mushy rice.

  • You ought to unfold the rice all around the sheet.
  • Turn on the microwave on low, and depart it for a minute or two.

Source: Taste of Home

2. Drain and Cook the Mushy Rice

Draining and cooking the mushy rice is among the best issues you are able to do to avoid wasting your rice dish. You ought to do the next issues.

  • Drain the water from rice.
  • After then, return the pot stuffed with rice again on the cooktop.
  • See when the additional water evaporates from the rice and dries it out.
  • Leave the rice to chilly out for a minute.
  • Your rice is prepared.

3. Put Mushy Rice within the Refrigerate

Another resolution to the issue known as “the cold solution”.

  • Spread mushy rice to the backing sheet, and canopy it with parchment paper.
  • Put the rice within the fridge.
  • When it’s dried out, put it within the microwave, warmth it, and ultimately, serve it.

Source: Once Upon a Chef

4. Do some Extra Drying to Mushy Rice

This technique is much like the earlier one.

  • Spread the rice on the baking sheet, and canopy it with paper.
  • Put the rice within the oven, and switch it to low warmth.
  • Monitor the entire course of.
  • After it’s dried sufficient, flip the oven off and depart it to chill off.
  • Serve the rice.

5. The Salt Method

This could also be sounds uncommon, however it’s best to do the next issues for fixing mushy rice.

  • Fill a bowl with salt.
  • Put the salt bowl contained in the pan, the place the rice is.
  • Leave it for about twenty minutes, then serve it.



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