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A funeral is an event of mourning, but more than that, it’s a celebration of life. A funeral is about celebrating the life of someone that we loved, someone who gave us memories of a lifetime, and their departure has left a void in our lives. The funeral is the last time when everyone gathers to bid farewell to the loved one. Thus, we consider this as a celebration of life.

While there are specific criteria that must be kept in check to organize a funeral, we can always make it better. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips that’ll make your funeral event more memorable and ensure a better tribute for the deceased.

Tips to make a Funeral More Memorable

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Create a theme

The best way to give tribute to a person is to design everything in a way that they’ll like to see. A well thought out, a well-designed event that they would love to visit if they were living. Thus, having a theme that they like would is very important. The idea can be the deceased’s favorite game, movie show, or only his favorite color. An idea is also beneficial when planning and decorating everything. Since you already have something in mind, everything else works out better. So, try having a theme in mind that will respect the deceased well.

Make a proper invitation list

It’s crucial to invite the right people to make any event better. So, when it comes to paying a proper tribute to the deceased, asking the right people is essential. Think about the people the dead had spent the best days of his life with. These can be childhood friends, friends from work, favorite cousins. If he had served as a veteran, invite his brothers at arms. These people have added value to the deceased’s life and can help give them a fitting tribute.

Take your time to prepare the invitees, reach out to them individually, and try to arrange transportation if they’re old or live afar. Giving them the love they deserve is going to give back to the deceased.

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Make a personalized pamphlet

The funeral pamphlet is a small document that’s given to the guests. It contains the details of the event such as itinerary, details about parts of the game, and information about the venue, or any initiative the deceased was a part of. This can give a very well thought out insight about the person. So, the world is yours when making the pamphlet. You can add biographies, pictures, quotes, and anything else you deem necessary for the event.

A funeral pamphlet is a mix of words and pictures, so it has to be well-made. If you’re not skilled in working with such software, you can get a personalized template. Companies like Basic Invite provide customized templates for your event.

Create a Table of memories

When we lose a person, we live with their memories. Memories of a life that’s been loved. But, certain things bring back memories like no other. These can be something as simple as a football, a piece of clothing, or an award won together. Actual items that reminisce a memory can bring memories back and make everyone mourn the deceased better.

To make this more convenient, you can tell the guests to bring things attached to the person’s memories. This will add a personal touch to everyone present in the event and make the overall game a more memorable one.

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Have a Notebook for signing

It’s effortless, but can be very thoughtful. A notebook can be kept close to the viewing station or table of memories with a pen. The guests will write their tributes, share their minds, or express their feelings. This can be later used to reminisce on the memories of the day or mourn the deceased. These small touches can make the event memorable.

Have the best speakers

The eulogy and other speeches are always the most memorable part of a funeral. These heartfelt speeches can bring the person back to life. Their life flashes in front of us as if we’re going through a journey of their life. But it’s only possible if you have the most suitable speakers.

You don’t need super fluent oratory or knowledge of all the words to give a moving speech. The quality of the statement depends on how you feel about the person. So, look for people closest to the deceased. People such as their offspring, siblings, most intimate friends, long-term co-workers can describe the dead’s life like no other. So, choose your speakers wisely.

Once you’ve chosen the speakers, make sure you’re always in contact with them. If necessary, read the speeches beforehand to prevent an awkward situation afterward.

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Give a Memento

To make the events more memorable for the guests, you can give a souvenir to everyone. This can be something as simple as the deceased’s favorite chocolate to something very thought-provoking such as a seed-card, which will grow into a tree if nurtured well, or something beloved to the dead. Something like a seed-card can be spiritually amazing as well since planting trees are always encouraged. Also, giving a memento engraves the event in the minds of the people better.

Give back to the people

Giving back to the people is a great way to pay tribute to the deceased. Since the person we’ve lost lives through us, doing something right in his name will only make him memorable. It can be something like planting trees or donating to a charity. If the deceased battled with a disease, such as cancer, donating to a charity that works with cancer can be beneficial. The information about the charity can be added to the pamphlet to encourage the guests as well.

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Organizing a funeral is a massive responsibility. Take your time and make sure everything is perfect. This article contains several things you can do to make the event more memorable. We hope this helps you!

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