How to Know When Your Car Needs to go?

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Is your car getting old? Are you not sure whether you should keep it a bit longer or sell it right away? Well, it is understandable when you do not want to let go of your current car because of your love for it. But sometimes letting go is the only option when it no longer serves its purpose.


According to a recent poll, it has come to notice that the right time to sell a new car is within a period of five years. But there are various other factors which are attached to it. Let’s review some of the points which will help you know when your car needs to go.

1. Increased expenditure to keep it on the road:

If your expenses have increased due to the constant repairing and maintenance to keep your car running, then it is a high time for you to consider buying yourself a new car and selling the old one.

Now there is a possibility that you are spending more on your car than its actual worth, if so, then here is how you can find out:


  • Determine the worth of your car: this is the first step if the thought of selling your car has crossed your mind. One of the simplest ways to do so in UAE is by going online to Cashyourcaruae and filling the form by entering the details about your vehicle, thus it evaluates and gets you a fair value of your car.


  • Calculate the cost of keeping it on the road: here you need to maintain the list of expenses which you have come across while getting your car repaired. And also consider going to your mechanic and get the details about your car’s function, for instance, if it requires any big repairs now or up in the future.
  • Compare the cost and value: your last step is to compare. Now compare the worth of your car with the overload of expenses which it has come across. And you will have your answer to whether or not to sell your car.


2. Miscellaneous problems

Now that your car is a bit old, it might be facing certain miscellaneous problems.

So if it is one of these, start considering your options:

  • It no longer gives you mileage.
  • It is diseased by rust, a deadly symptom which will soon kill it.
  • It is not suitable to drive it in the rush-hour traffic.
  • It has seen better days.
  • The car’s parts are hard to find as well as expensive.

Now one of the reasons for selling your car might be due to the depreciation factor. Various vehicles depreciate at different rates, and it is difficult to assume its value. Hence, consider the value factor before you sell it. And also make sure you have the complete document while you are selling it. If your car’s registration has expired, then you can renew it in no time via Renewmycarregistration. Thus opt for the suitable option for selling so as to get the best price.

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