How To Find The Best Royalty Free Music For Your Video

If you are a video content creator, then you know that music is a big deal in this field. It is a vital part of the video that needs to be of satisfactory quality. Of course, it is not the only important thing, but it matters a lot. Yes, filming equipment, focus, and topic are all significant parts of a good video too. But if you don’t have music that follows the story, then people probably won’t be as excited to watch it. Music makes every story more dramatic and better looking. Also, it makes people feel different emotions and remember the story of the video. You want your video to impress the viewers and make them share it with as many people as possible.

With YouTube development also came the possibility to monetize a video and earn from it. It was something that made many content creators excited. But there is still one little thing you need to pay attention to. If you want to monetize your video, you need to use the right kind of music. The last thing you want is your video to be forbidden after hours of filming and editing. And this happens when you use the music you’re not allowed to use. Copyrights can become your least favorite word if you’re not following the rules. Fortunately, royalty-free music is everyone’s savior. It can be downloaded and used for free. And you can also use it for commercial purposes, which is the most important thing. If you are wondering how to find the best royalty-free music for your video, here are some suggestions:

1. Free Music Archive

Source: YouTube

If you’re looking for royalty free music you can check it out at Free Music Archive. There you can find a section called Music for Video and open it to finding the music you like. They provide many different independent artists and their various tracks. So anyone can find something for themself. All of these songs are free to access and download. You won’t find the world’s famous artists, but you’ll surely find something that suits your needs. Some of these tracks can be used for non-commercial purposes. Others you can use for your marketing, but you’ll need to do the attribution. You can also search for it by licenses, which can make things easier for you.

2. SoundCloud

Source: Billboard

This is one of those platforms you probably heard about already. Different artists can add their music to it and share it with the world. And you can use it for commercial purposes, which is great. One thing you should be aware of is that many of these artists are amateurs. And sometimes these tracks do not have the best sound in the world. But that is fine since there are many of them. And you’ll be able to choose the one that matches your video. A good thing about SoundCloud is that it reminds of social media platforms. You can like the song you find good and help others that way. And you can also search by the likes and discover which songs people particularly like. This feature can be useful and save you some time.

3. Joystock


Joystock is another website for royalty-free music you can check out at All of the tracks available on their website are copyright-free, so they can be used for marketing purposes, without having to pay any fees. With every track, you receive a legal certificate that provides you legal rights to use this music in your videos. So you don’t need to worry about copyrights and whether you are going to have issues after using it. On Joystock music is classified by genre and, depending on your style, you can choose the background track that matches your video perfectly.

4. Bensound

Source: YouTube

Bensound is another website offering completely royalty music for your YouTube channel and various multimedia projects. It is made by a composer and musician from France. There you can find some excellent premium tracks. And the best part is that they are free. They also have a subscription-based pricing plan, which can be a good fit for some people. Their collection is not as huge as on some other websites, but that doesn’t mean they do not offer diversity. You can search their website by genre or do it manually. On Bensound everything is easy and transparent, so you don’t need to spend much time or energy to find what you’re looking for.

5. Pond5

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Pond5 is surely one of the most impressive royalty music websites. It has more than 500 000 tracks and so many different genres. If you start looking for something over there you might end up spending several hours listening to their huge music offer. And there is no way not to find something good for your video. With Pond5 tracks, you’ll make your content neat and eye-catching. You can find adventure, meditation music, and many others. With that said, we believe you can understand how comprehensive their royalty music offer is.

6. EnovoMusic


If you’re looking for some soundtracks for commercial or personal use, you are in the right place. On EnovoMusic they offer you affordable prices and a wide range of tracks. All of this music you can license easily and use it for unlimited online videos. Here you can find some high-quality music for all of your media projects. And use it as much as you want.


For all video content creators music is an important part of their work. If you want to get the viewers’ attention and impress them, you’ll need to find good background music. And this isn’t always the easiest task, especially if you’re using your videos for commercial purposes. Copyrights can be a significant obstacle, so you want to find the music you are allowed to use. What you’re looking for is royalty-free music that you can download and use for free. You can find so many websites offering these kinds of tracks. And they also provide endless artists and music genres. So we recommend doing your research and choosing the one you find the best. Good music will make your videos bombastic, and people will continue coming back to check out new ones.

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