How To Ensure That Lunches Stay Cool

It is common for us to search for terrific and tasty healthy lunch ideas that are easy to pack and enjoy each day. No matter what you decide to put in your loved ones’ midday meals, it is important that the food stays nice and cool and completely safe to consume. A lunchmeat sandwich that has gone warm is not just unappealing, it can also bring health hazards that must be avoided at all costs.


When Things Get Dicey

University of Texas research scientists found that more than 90 percent of all food items placed in children’s lunchboxes were not maintained at a safe and healthy temperature. It should be noted that food ought to either stay below 39.2 degrees or above 140 degrees, or else there is a risk of contamination and resulting illnesses that may bring vomiting, fever, diarrhea, fatigue and body aches. In order to prevent such a calamity from befalling your little ones, keep these tips in mind.

Source: Greatist

6 Methods Of Keeping Foods Cool

  1. Make sure lunches are packed in a fully insulated carrying bag.

Gone are the days when a brown paper sack would suffice. It is worthwhile to spend a few extra dollars to get a properly insulated lunch carrier that helps maintain food items at a safe and healthy temperature. Reusable lunch bags are also great for the environment. The lunch bags in our collection are constructed of non-toxic materials. Here is a great option – a green cooler bag and it comes with free rush delivery.

  1. Ice packs are essential.

Ice packs that have been in the freezer all night are certain to maintain a low temperature within the lunch bag. We love the Sweatfree Ice Pack, as its liner is composed of recycled bottles.



  1. Freeze your student’s water bottle in advance.

Though this does not take the place of a stand-alone ice pack, placing a frozen drink in a lunchbox each morning helps ensure a low temperature until it is time to eat. Also, your child will enjoy having a cold drink with their delicious lunch. Reusable bottles featuring non-toxic materials can be bought precisely for this purpose.

  1. Place stainless containers in the freezer before use.

Putting cold food items into cold storage containers goes a long way toward maintaining lunchbox safety. The reusable bento boxes in our collection are constructed from top-quality stainless steel and are fully safe for the freezer.

Source: Eat Drink Paleo

  1. Keep already-packed lunches in the refrigerator.

Once lunch has been packed, it is best to place it into the refrigerator until it is time to leave the house. This way, it does not have extra time to get warm. When preparing to head out for the day, simply take the ice pack out of the freezer and place it in the lunch bag.

  1. Make use of insulated containers for cold and hot foods.

If hot foods such as chili are desired on a given day, make good use of insulated containers. Great for maintaining the desired warmth, these are also terrific for ensuring that applesauce, yogurt and the like stay cool and safe until lunchtime and beyond. The best-insulated containers are those made without lead, BPA or phthalates.

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