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The COVID-19 pandemic managed to ruin a lot of job opportunities for people across the world, and it’s not a secret that we’re currently suffering from a mild economic crisis, although not many want to admit it. When it comes to working a job that requires a lot of people to be in physical contact with others, there aren’t many options left. For example, all construction work was paused due to the pandemic. The same thing applies to jobs such as bartending or event-organizing. So, it’s quite logical that people started looking for jobs that can be worked from home, preferably from their computer.

This is where a lot of options open up for you as a freelancer. You can do anything to earn a living on the net. Video editing, software development, website design or voice-acting, whatever you’re good at, it can earn you money. But, all of these things require some pre-existing knowledge. And, on top of that, you need to be good for someone to choose you and give you the job.

However, you shouldn’t be worried if you are not familiar with all of the things we mentioned above. Why? Because there’s another option that doesn’t require much effort or knowledge. Taking online surveys. Let’s take a look.

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What are online surveys?

So people earn money from online surveys since the dawn of time. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the oldest methods of earning on the internet. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it does sound too good, and it is true. Today we’ll help you understand how surveys work and why someone would pay you for it.

For many people, this sounds like a “scam”, and we can see why. In the mind of a “regular” person, the thought of being paid for clicking random buttons on a screen while sitting in the coziness and comfort of your own home is way too good to be true. But, those who create the surveys have a huge benefit from your attention and answers.

Who benefits from this?

Both you and the person who created the survey. But, you want to know why someone would pay you for it, so let’s explain that. You see, when someone releases a certain product or a service, they want to hear the opinion of potential customers about it. This is a feedback that usually costs money, possibly a lot more money than what they would pay you if they paid professional testers instead. Some surveys have a completely different purpose. They ask for your interests based on age, gender, and nationality, and a lot of other questions that serve as valuable data to someone.

Besides, with that same budget they can get a lot more opinions from different people, so improving the product or service is easier. Okay, this already sounds good. So, how can I start earning?

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How to start with online surveys in 2020

There are a lot of survey websites available on the internet, but you have to find the right one for a start. You can do the research on your own, or you can use a website such as Survey Examiner for example, where you can find survey websites based on rating and popularity. Either way works, except the one we recommend, takes up less time. However, if you want to do a complete background check on your own before committing your time and effort to a certain site, that’s perfectly fine as well. We support both decisions equally.

Getting started with the surveys

Some people will immediately try to find the “easiest” or “fastest” way to speed-run through the surveys and maximize their earnings. Although we understand that you want to earn fast, we still suggest that you take your time and pay a lot of attention to the answers you provide on the surveys. Why? Because most reputable sites will also take their time and analyze the way you’re answering, as well as examine whether your answers are legit or not. If you need to research something to be able to provide an answer, do it. Don’t think of this as a “waste of time”, because the more you progress on these survey websites, the higher your pay will become eventually. You need to reach the status of a trusted client.

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Do multiple per day

One survey per day might not be enough to meet your current financial requirements, especially if you lost your job recently due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. So, doing multiple of them per day is usually recommended, if you have the time for it. You can complete these surveys with your morning coffee, while you’re waiting for lunch, or whenever you have some extra time on your hand.

Subscribe and provide your e-mail

Don’t be afraid to leave your email, but only at trustworthy survey sites. We recommend this because the websites will almost always notify you when there are some great opportunities regarding surveys and payments. It’s quite nice to keep track and stay in touch with all the recent changes in the survey world. Don’t let someone else take the ones that have higher pay, get notified about them.

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Frequently update your profile

On most survey sites, especially on the more popular and reputable ones, you can create a detailed profile with your info. This includes your age, gender, living location, type of job you have, and a lot more. This information is important for those who provide the survey because they need to know from what type of person the answers are coming from. So, if you have any recent changes in your life, such as a new job or a new living address, make sure to update it in your profile. If survey providers notice that you’re honest and frequently updating your personal information, you’ll have a higher chance of scoring some sweet top-paid surveys.

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