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There are no hard and fast rules about the dress code that you must follow in the gym. However, some basic rules exist for a reason. Therefore, when you go to the gym for the first time, you need to know what rules to follow. We will try to help you with that. But, let’s start from the beginning.

Want To Start Training For The First Time?

For many, a gym is a place where there are a lot of handsome, fit and well-built men and women, focused on exercise (and on the mirror). As with all new things in life, work, hobbies, or sports – it takes some time to get used to it. But if you persevere in this, you will see that everyone who exercises, whether in the gym or elsewhere – has a common goal: health. Certainly, for something like that, you need to choose a gym, a type of training, or a personal trainer. And how to do it? To help you overcome prejudices about the gym, read the following tips and information, and move forward boldly!

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What Do You Need To Know Before Going To The Gym For The First Time?

You should consult a doctor before beginning any fitness, sports, or recreational program. This is especially true for those who have a chronic illness – but also an acute condition. For example, if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, lung disease, asthma, arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, or any other disease that causes you certain problems – a specialist can best determine what, how and how much is best for you. The same applies to acute diseases. In chronic diseases, in most cases, the doctor will encourage you to exercise – while in acute cases, you wait with exercise until such a condition passes.

What Clothes To Exercise In?

You should opt for clothes in which you will feel comfortable. Clothes should not squeeze you but should allow you to perform all movements. Therefore, cotton with the addition of lycra is usually chosen for this purpose. Sneakers for sure, with a non-slip sole. Sneakers will protect your fingers if you hit a barbell lying on the floor. Never exercise barefoot.

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Many people avoid wearing underwear when they go to the gym, to prevent additional sweating. This is wrong, because the body is more prone to infections when sweating, and underwear has the function of protecting the intimate parts from them. In addition to the fact that it is desirable to wear underwear, pay attention to the materials from which they are made. As for the upper part, a plain bra does not provide enough support for women – so instead of a regular one with inserts, you wear a sports bra made of cotton and natural materials. Avoid wearing thong panties while you are training.

Choice Of Clothes

The best choice for training is clothes made of natural materials – that will enable the skin to breathe. This is a good word especially if from those who sweat a lot. For training, wear something in layers – so that you can remove the excess clothes as soon as you feel the heat. Then, you can return them if you start to cool down. For summer, the best recommendation is to wear shorts up to half a thigh long – or, for women, three-quarter long leggings. As for the upper part, a T-shirt without or with short sleeves, over which goes the thinner upper part of the tracksuit – especially if you train outside in the morning or the evening. As soon as you warm up, take off your tracksuit.

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What If You Exercise During Winter?

Similar clothing is valid over the winter – so layered clothing. It’s normal to warm up after a while and feel hot – but as soon as you feel cold, put on a tracksuit top. This is important to keep your body temperature constant during exercise and to prevent the possibility of colds.


They are very modern footwear today, but not all sneakers have the same purpose. Therefore, bring in your exercise bag – special gym sneakers, which you have chosen according to the type of exercise. These sneakers must be clean so that you do not bring dirt and microorganisms into the gym. Do not choose sneakers with a completely flat sole, because they do not support the foot and do not cushion the steps when running. Important! For aerobic exercises – sneakers with a reinforced back are advised. It is because they absorb the blows suffered by the hips during continuous jumping – and do not cause small injuries that can cause health problems over time.

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Fashion In The Gym

Women tend to want to look and feel beautiful even when they exercise. We know that it is not always easy to find the perfect combination for going to the gym – a combination that would be both comfortable and modern. Today we advise you on how to best equip yourself for exercise.

You’ve probably often been tempted to spend your entire salary on a cute workout wardrobe – or you’ve gone to the other extreme, so you’re convinced that a great choice to go to the gym is an ancient T-shirt. Like the one you once wore to physical education classes. According to – you should try to avoid both options. Therefore, these tips will help you to be modern, but also to be as comfortable and practical as possible while exercising.

Forget About Makeup!

Yes, we know it seems crazy, but some women go to the gym with too much makeup on their faces. And even a speck of make-up is too much for this activity. So, take off everything you applied during that day and let your skin breathe.

Make Sure You Are Wearing A Suitable Bra

Bad sports bras can only make exercise harder. Whether it tightens you up or makes it a little looser – until you feel perfect in it, you won’t even be able to focus on training properly. Women with large breasts may even have to try a combination of two sports bras to feel comfortable and ready for the gym.

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Useful Accessories


It is not necessary, but with their help, you will catch weights or devices easier and safer – especially if your palms are sweating.


Useful if you lift heavy weights to protect your back and abdomen, especially in squats or deadlifts.

Water Bottle

If you have your own, take it to the gym and drink in small sips between sets.


It is not bad to have it to wipe sweat from the forehead and for hygienic reasons. It can also be useful for other things. For example, you can put it on a bench before lying down.

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Heart Rate Monitor

Many recreational athletes who watch how they exercise have a heart rate monitor. They use it to monitor their heart rate during aerobic exercise or weight lifting. If you have it too, then be sure to put your meter in a bag with other things you will take to the gym.

Jewelry And Fragrances

Before training, take off all jewelry because it is potentially dangerous. Also, avoid the use of strong perfumes and colognes when you go to training because the smells are intensified by sweating and can bother both you and the people around you. Use mild and neutral alcohol-free deodorants.

Well, you’re ready for the gym, so don’t waste your time anymore, and throw yourself into a workout!

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