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Houses are the most important places for us. They represent security, shelter, family, comfort. It is the place we call home and where we spend the most time. Making the house a comfortable place is crucial to ensure rest as well as physical and emotional health, so, usually, the time to choose the type of decoration is difficult. Finding a style that is comfortable, affordable and suits our personality is not easy, but neither is it impossible. There are many types of designs that combine different elements and materials to give an aesthetic uniqueness to the home and make it visually pleasant and functional, you just have to choose a style and customize it.

However, for lovers of practicality, elegance and minimalism, the main option is always modern style. Contrary to what its name suggests, the modern style dates back to the first decades of the 20th century. It finds its origin in the German school of design and architecture Bauhaus with the idea of prioritizing practicality and maximum use of space.

Over the decades, the style has acquired different variations and is even mixed with various modes of decoration. The Nordic Style is a recreation of the modern one adding elements typical of traditional Nordic decoration such as lighting and nature. The industrial style, despite having a completely different origin, also shares some aspects with the modern style, in a less elegant way. Still, it keeps the essence of practicality and space utilization.

The modern style has been commonly associated with elites and luxury, so people often mistakenly think that it is a very expensive model of decoration. Modern is far from wealthy and saturated, maintaining quality and good taste, so decorating in this style could be much cheaper and more straightforward than you think, you can be your interior designer, follow the next steps.

Colour palette

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If you want to go for the classic, the best option is black and white. White walls are the favourite, while black walls can make the atmosphere of a house very heavy and affect its lighting; white walls do the opposite. Still, if you’re into black, a black wall in a strategic, well-lit location that contrasts with white walls is really cool.

You don’t have to stick to a monochromatic palette. The cream colours are ideal for modern houses and quite popular in the Nordic variation. It is important to note that to avoid the house looking monotonous. It would be best if you put the colour dots. Colour dots are usually small details, a picture, cushions on the sofa, a distinctive element of vibrant colour of your choice that stands out and attracts attention despite being a common household item. If the house has a lot of black you need to balance the colour with a lot of lighting and make the colour points light, but if it has a lot of white, strong colours will make the right contrast.


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Lighting is the difference between good and bad design; a house with bad lighting is always a poorly designed house. For modern homes, the ideal is white lights, lamps preferably made of materials such as metal with simple designs that highlight the quality of the material. Windows are essential, at the beginning of modern style, there was a tendency towards artificial lighting, but over time this trend was changing and preferring natural lighting, which will also save you the light bill.

The glass windows and doors that open almost entirely create a unique style that gives a sense of freedom and enlarges the space while maintaining privacy. Ideally, you should have blinds that can obstruct or ultimately allow for viewing at will for those occasions when you want to prioritize privacy.

The floor

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As the modern style is extremely minimalist, the importance of the decoration is relegated to other areas, the walls, the ceiling, and of course the floor. The floor is decisive for the elegance of a house since it shows the owners’ care for details, quality and functionality. Many people do not attach importance to the floor when thinking about decoration but this is not only important in an aesthetic sense but also for safety.

One of the best materials for the floor is polished concrete; it is soft, does not absorb liquids preventing humidity problems, easy to clean and aesthetically combines excellently with many styles such as modern and industrial, carpets keep a lot of germs and unpolished concrete has a lot of porosity increasing dust in the environment. Best of all, polished concrete floors are much more economical than floors made of other materials that offer similar benefits. You can check out here for more information.

The furniture

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The modern style is minimalist, so it dispenses with much decoration, this gives the furniture an excellent opportunity to be the protagonists of the scene. Usually, monochromatic coloured furniture with leather or imitation leather upholstery is chosen, velvet is also popular because of its elegance and softness. However, if you have carpets, it could give a saturated look because of the texture.

Metal is the most commonly used material for modern style furniture, although certain types of wood with stylish finishes are also used, especially dark wood. It is important that harmony is maintained between the materials used, and even with the style of the floor and walls, materials such as tiles are more difficult to combine while polished concrete has great versatility. The sofa cushions, the shape of the furniture and the materials allow personalizing the style and adding a personal touch while remaining elegant and stylish.

The modern style has changed over the years, nowadays designing a modern house with contemporary electronic elements is an excellent option that more and more people choose. Since the current times so dynamic and with a growing presence of technology embraces the practicality and functionality of the modern style, keeping the home comfortable with spacious rooms and quality elements. It is not a question of embracing a contemporary style, as this style is aesthetically different from the minimalist one and may have different principles, but of adapting the modern style to today’s life.

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