How To Choose The Right Smartphone For You?

Smartphones have become a kind of necessity in our current lifestyle. With an internet connection, you have the whole world in your hands with a phone. But choosing one is not an easy task with so many companies manufacturing various kinds of phones. Whether you are purchasing your first smartphone or looking to upgrade from the older one to a new one, it is important that you take into consideration certain things. According to, with these tips, you will be able to make the best purchase of the smartphone.

Tips for choosing the right smartphone for you

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  • Operating system – This phone works almost like a computer. Hence the operating system is a very important thing when it comes to a smartphone. The most popular options when it comes to operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. All Apple products come with the iOS operating system. If compared, it can be seen that the majority of them run on the Android platform. This platform is convenient to use and provides many choices. Android platform is more flexible when compared to iOS.
  • Size of the display screen – This is one of the most important factors which has to be considered when it comes to the choice of smartphones. Whether you are looking for a large screen or a small screen depends on your choice. If you love to watch movies, sports, videos, or playing games on your smartphone, you would feel comfortable with a one who has a larger screen. Android phones come with multi-window mode, and this is easy on a larger screen as well. Since the display screen is the dimension of the phone, choose the one which fits in your hand comfortably.
  • Check the storage offered – When you have a smartphone, it is obvious that you would like to store various kinds of media in the device. Thus, having proper storage in the device is important. There are phones with 16GB storage, but they have become a kind of a rip-off. The two storage options, which are more popular now, are 32GB and 64GB. Almost all the leading models come with 64GB storage. Expandable storage up to 256GB is also available on many Android. However, 64GB storage phones are more expensive than 32GB phones.
  • RAM – Just like RAM in computers, RAM in smartphones have the same function. Higher RAM helps in enhancing the speed of the device. Gone are the days when they had 2GB RAM. The majority of smartphones run on 3GB RAM. Some of the flagship models also come with 4GB RAM. Generally, the combination comes like this – 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Not only speed, but the overall performance of the smartphone is enhanced with higher RAM value.
  • Quality of screen display – Many people do not know that there are different qualities in which screen displays are available. Some of the terms which are commonly associated with display include full HD display, Apple’s proprietary Retina display, qHD display, an AMOLED display. Choose a smartphone, which comes with a high-quality display and which is also readable in sunlight. Make sure that you check the pixel density and resolution of the device before making a final decision. If the display quality of the phone is not good, your viewing experience will not be satisfactory.

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  • Processor – In modern times, various kinds of processors are used. Some common terms used in regard to processors in smartphones include dual-core, quad-core, octa-core, etc. It is very interesting to note that iPhones use their signature and unique dual-core processors, and strangely, these processors run much better than that many quad-core processors used in Android phones. This is an area of grave competition between Android and iOS phones. If you are purchasing Android smartphones, going for the higher version of the processor is always recommended.
  • Camera – Who does not know about the selfie craze that came with smartphones? These phones have a back camera as well as a front camera. The quality of the camera depends upon the number of megapixels that the camera has. Most of them now come with great camera quality – both for front and rear cameras. However, experts opine that while checking the camera, one must look for specifications like aperture. Lower the aperture, the better it is. You can also look for other special features, including optical image stabilization and dual lenses: more advanced ones, the better the camera quality.
  • Battery life – It is quite obvious that when you have a smartphone, you will use it randomly. You will use various apps, browse the internet, and so on. And for this, it is important that the phone should have abundant battery support. There was a time when 2000mAh batteries were considered sufficient. But nowadays, there are smartphones that come with 3000mAh, 4000mAh as well as 5000mAh batteries. When charged once, these batteries are able to run for a day or even more with continuous usage.
  • Warranty – All electronic devices come with a warranty, and a smartphone is not different. The warranty offered by companies varies from one another, depending on the company policies. Generally, the majority of smartphones come with a one year warranty. In case things go wrong on the phone in this period, the company takes care of the same without any additional charges. However, there are things which are not covered under warranty. Make sure that you know about these things and keep them in mind.
  • Budget and price of the smartphone – While purchasing a smartphone, the budget plays an important role. Most people look for the best features within an affordable range in smartphones, but that is not possible always. Make sure that you have a proper budget and start looking in that range. If the budget is low, you might have to compromise on various aspects of the phone. However, if budget is no constraint, you can definitely look for high-end ones from leading mobile brands.

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These above tips are no doubt extremely helpful in purchasing the right smartphone for you. The competition in the mobile industry is extremely stiff. Each brand is trying to outdo the other by implementing newer and better features in their phones. They are bringing the most advanced technological setups in smartphones so that people can get more out of the ones they have. To keep running in the cut-throat competitive market, companies are launching new models of smartphones within a very short span of time. And the new model is upgraded from the previous version. The best thing is that due to the competition, phones have become kind of affordable so that everyone can purchase the same without much difficulty. Make sure you check the above points before making the final deal.

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