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A lot of people don’t pay enough attention when they’re buying underwear because it’s barely visible under the clothes, but the truth is that we need to choose them following our body type. Also, both women and men should choose the panties according to their shape and other body features, so they can avoid the unpleasant feeling caused by the badly chosen wear.

So, let’s see what you need to do in order to buy the right pair of underwear that fits your body type.


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The female body comes in a few general types and shapes, and no matter your weight and height, you can be:

1. Rounded (apple)

If you are apple-shaped, you may have problems finding proper panties and bras because you need models that cover the critical area, without causing visible lines on the stomach, especially on the waist area. Our recommendation is to look for high-waist models and round cuts, so you can avoid the unpleasant feeling of itching and pain caused by improper underwear. You can even try the so-called boy-cuts, and see if it fits you well. The most important thing is to feel comfortable while wearing them, so you may need to try up a few models until you find the right one.

2. Rectangle

Since you have less or no curves, you may want to add some to your looks by wearing proper bras and panties. Elastic models will make you feel wonderful because they can re-shape the critical area. When it comes to bra, you can choose the old but gold push-up and visually increase the size of your breasts. The good thing is that you can wear any type of underwear or attractive lingerie, but you must find the right size because too small or too big pieces will be visible under your clothes.

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3. Hourglass

These women are naturally blessed to wear everything, and every piece of their clothes and lingerie fits them great. So, you can experiment with different cuts, designs, colors, and models. But, be careful with the smaller bikini models, made of less fabric and a lot of elastin, because they may make you feel very uncomfortable.

4. Triangle (pear)

If you have this body type, you probably have problems when you want to buy the bra and panties together, because often, they are not the same matching size. Also, it’s better to avoid the models that don’t cover your back enough. Also, maybe you should consider buying one size bigger panties, so you can feel more comfortable than usual. You may need to try a few different cuts and fabrics, and see how you feel, and then you can proceed to buy a few pairs of panties and bras that are suitable for you.

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5. Fewer curves or inverted triangle

These women have different needs compared to the triangle types, because they may have bigger shoulders and breast, and the abdominal and back area is smaller compared to the other body types. Sometimes, these girls don’t really like the way they look, because it’s not the typical women’s shape, but you can surely look attractive and elegant by choosing the right clothes for you. You are one of the luckiest who can wear panties that don’t cover much of the back, and you need to buy them one size smaller than the bra.

Usually, the problem comes when you don’t know which model fits you the best, and that’s why you need to keep trying until you find what suits you and it’s comfortable at the same time.


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Guys often think that the model, fabrics, and cuts are not that important and that they don’t need to pay much attention to the underwear. But, they also need to know their body type, so they can find the right model, and there are many suggestions and instructions on how to do that on the Internet.

These are the most common male body shapes:

1. Thin or young boy looks

Have you heard about boxer briefs? They are like short leggings, and they fit perfectly to thin boys, who can also wear almost every other kind of underwear, without any problem. You can always check to find great models, but we recommend you avoid the standard boxers because they may look like a skirt on your tiny legs.

2. Fit

Fit guys are lucky enough to wear every model without even taking care if it fits or not because it’s practically impossible for any clothes and wear not to fit them great. So, there are no specific rules on how to choose the right boxers or briefs, because they will be great on you anyway.

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3. Muscles

It’s the same as for the fit boys. The difference is that your muscles are more visible than theirs, but choosing the right pair of underwear won’t be a problem for you because everything will fit nicely.

4. Wide hips

These guys should avoid the classical boxers, but also the basic brief cut. That means boxer briefs and trunks are the best choices for you, and you can experiment with different colors and fabrics until you find what fits you most.

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5. Bigger stomach/waist

In order to avoid unpleasant lines around your waist, that can be painful too. Instead of doing that, you can go for basic boxer shorts and boxer briefs. You can find them in a bigger size, and that’s great for you.

Briefs are giving enough support to the genital area, for those who prefer that, but are the less comfortable option for most of the boys. It’s normal to prefer the shorts models because they are giving you more movement freedom.

Underwear shouldn’t cause a headache to you, because you only need to recognize a few factors, so you can choose what is the best for you, no matter if you are a man or woman. Our guide is here to help you with any confusion you may have when you enter the store and start looking into different cuts, colors, and models there.

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