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The problem of trust is critical in the capitalistic business world, where dozens of companies compete for a single client. However, scammers have learned to use the situation to their benefit, especially when it comes to educational services that are poorly protected.

The essay writing sphere, in general, has been badly compromised by the activities of such scammers. They delivered low-quality papers, charged higher prices, stole student’s money whenever the opportunity presented itself. This had formed a negative image for every company involved in the provision of similar services.

The situation has changed now. Many companies that have been building their brand for dozens of years, as well as relatively young services like, care for their reputation to a great extent. They strongly condemn cheating customers and strive to provide the best and high-quality service.

However, there are still platforms involved in fraudulent activity. To eliminate a chance of you getting into that trap, we have prepared a guide for you on how to choose an essay writing company and not to get scammed.

Ask Around

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If you are completely new to doing business with essay writing companies, you’d better ask your friends what companies they choose. Their suggestions will help you find names that were not spotted in any scamming.

Moreover, your mates can give you a recommendation concerning the companies with the best pricing and anti-plagiarism policies. Thus, your choice will be made purely on positive reviews of your friends and acquaintances.

Do Your Research

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However, not everyone is ready to share the fact that they need and turn to help when dealing with academic assignments. We get it. For many years, essay writing has been described as an indecent activity, so many people do not take pride in using such services.

In this case, you have to do your research online. When you google something like “essay writing service,” you’ll get thousands of web-pages. All of them will be equally nice when it comes to the user interface.

However, you should pick up several that seems the most attractive to you and highlight the following:

  • Price;
  • Deadlines;
  • Anti-plagiarism records;
  • Customer service;
  • Security;
  • Independent feedback.

So, let’s review these selection criteria.


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Every company has different pricing and bonus systems. However, there are some well-accepted standards in the industry. For example, usually, the price per page starts from $9-10 if the deadline is not strictly limited, and the level is not complex.

If the client looks for a professional writer with a specialization to complete Ph.D. assignments with a deadline of two days, the price jumps up significantly. However, you should be entitled to know the final price before you enter into the agreement with the company. No further charges are acceptable.

Essay writing companies often reward their loyal customers and newbies with some discounts. That is common in the industry, so you do not need to worry. However, if the discounts are too tempting, remember that really nice work cannot sell cheap.


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A well-established company has no problem with delivering your paper on time. It will assign several writers to work on a long project for you if needed. It will make sure you get your paper before your initial deadline.

Companies with a reputation for missed deadlines should not be worthy of your attention. You’ll definitely get in trouble as soon as you order a 10+ page essay.

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

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Companies providing high-quality educational services should publicly condemn any form of plagiarism. They usually promise a full refund if you prove that the paper contains any borrowed ideas.

Educational institutions are completely against any form of plagiarism. Students will have problems if their papers become subject to plagiarism investigation.

Therefore, be attentive and look for clauses in Terms and Conditions that protect your rights in case your writer does a bad job.

Customer Support

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Customer support is another indicator of a decent and well-established essay writing company. You should know that it is supposed to be proactive rather than active. Customer support agents should be able to answer any of your questions in no time.

However, if you are waiting in long queues to ask a simple question, imagine yourself waiting for help in a critical situation. Since you pay money, you are entitled to high-quality and immediate service. If not, the company seems to be cutting its budget by hiring a small number of support agents.

Security Issues


The general rule is that no essay writing company requires your documents. That’s nonsense. As soon as you are required to send your ID, think if you really trust these guys enough to share such important details.

Also, the payment panel should mention that no information is shared with third parties. The least the essay writing company should do is to send your payment details to someone else. Ideally, they should not even keep your information or at least make it encrypted for your safety.

Independent Internet Platforms


All the above-mentioned information you should be getting from the company’s website and platforms like Reddit. You need to read real-life reviews from actual people who’ve tried the service. If you cannot find such reviews or if they are bad, do not risk your money and your time dealing with this company.

Customer feedback has become a reliable source of information for people looking for certain products or services online. Do not neglect these benefits and read independent recommendations before actually getting into the business.

Final Words

We encourage you to be cautious with every choice you make online. Be it essay writing or not, the Internet is full of scams. Therefore, be attentive and do research on every company you want to do your business with.

A few simple steps can help you identify suspicious activity and prevent your data from being stolen or misused. The only thing required from you is to be careful and reasonable in making decisions.

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