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Checking email addresses is an important measure to keep your contact list clean. Especially this is becoming relevant today when spammers do not stop at anything to achieve their goal. And while you are doing untargeted mailings and counting your losses, bots, spammers and phishers manage to make money by honing their craft. To make marketing campaigns effective, you should regularly conduct email checking. There are several easy ways to do this, that even a newbie in marketing can master.

Send an Email to the Address

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Lots of email authentication methods are very simple, but this is both their charm and their strength. One of these methods is sending an email to the subscriber. You can write a welcoming text asking to confirm that the email is read. For example, you can write the following: “Hello! I would like to verify the validity of your email address. If you are reading this, please, be so kind as to let me know!” If you check on email, and it turned out to be dummy, the letter will soon return. In this case, the mail provider will notify you as follows: “The message was not delivered due to delivery problems at the address [email protected] We suggest that you learn more about the technical information below and try to send an email a bit later.” The text can also be like this: “The [email protected] address you sent the email to was not found. Therefore your message was not sent. We recommend checking the spelling of the mailing address and trying again.”

It is worth noting that some users may have a universal email address. This option is used to receive absolutely all emails sent to an invalid or dummy address. In this case, it’s impossible to find out what is an email address. But there are other ways.

Password Recovery

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No doubt that everyone at least once in their life tried to restore an email address. At the same time, the email service reported that such a mailer was not found. This method is used by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other large companies. So why don’t you take it into service?! Since, in addition to password recovery, the correctness of the address itself is also checked, as well as whether there is such contact at all. All you need to verify email is go to the account recovery page.

Perform an IP Address Lookup

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IP address search is another very effective way of checking if the email is valid. Even those, not tech-savvy marketers can do it very quickly and easily. As part of checking the IP address, first of all, its geolocation data is checked. Each contact is assigned a specific server address. And to find out this hidden data, you need to choose to view the message source. Information is in the block “received from”. Copy the IP address you want to check and paste it into the verification email address validation window. This is a free email verification service, which is a couple of seconds, will provide all the information you need regarding the provider and organization, what kind of IP-address it is and where its location is. So during the check, it may turn out that the IP address is not in the country that you originally intended. This is where you should be wary and consider the appropriateness of using the mailer associated with it in your campaigns.

Email Checker

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Dummy or inactive email addresses can be found using special verification services. They serve for email checking and use unique tools for this. You will immediately feel the benefits of such cooperation. You will need to make just a couple of mouse clicks and forget about the routine. High efficiency and accuracy of verification are achieved through several stages of validation: from the simplest to the more complex ones. The main advantage of such services is the ability to perform mass verification of email addresses. In addition, most premium software offers free trial versions. With its help, you can test the functionality and see the result in the shortest possible time.

You may already be using some of the popular verification services, for example:

  • Pabbly Email Verification;
  • EmailVerifier;
  • MyEmailVerifier;
  • DeBounce;
  • EmailChecker;
  • VoilaNorbert Verify;
  • Clearout;
  • Neverbounce;
  • ZeroBounce;
  • QuickEmailVerification;
  • Snovio

Those email services have a lot of benefits:

  • guaranteed improvement in email deliverability up to 98.5% or more;
  • major conversions increase by creating a list of real contacts;
  • protecting and improving the reputation of the company’s SMTP servers;
  • wide range of functions – from standard to innovative;
  • real-time processing of large volumes of information;
  • the ability to integrate API options into the client system;
  • Affordable pricing from $0.006 per check and favorable discounts.

Search the Address in Google

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Another simple method to verify email involves searching for a specific address in the Google search engine. Yes, the answer to the question of whether the contact is fictitious, you will not receive it. However, you will find out whether it is active or not. The effectiveness of this method is undeniable. Most people (companies) are present on the Web, promoting their websites and filling pages on social networks with content. Search engine giants like Google or Bing crawl Internet space to individual index pages. And search engines also see the addresses belonging to real people. Therefore, to find out if this or that address exists, whether someone is assigned to it or not, enter the username in the search bar and get the result.


We hope our tips on checking what is an email address, whether it is valid or not, will help in your marketing campaigns. For our part, we recommend enlisting the support of special email verification services. Follow the link to try it right now!

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