How to Best Celebrate Diwali – 2020 Guide –

Diwali is an occasion where we celebrate our victory over darkness and new beginnings with our beloved ones. We see family and friends unite during this period and the excitement everywhere in the air. In our bid to celebrate this festival, we take some wrong steps. One of these is the bursting of firecrackers which releases carbon-monoxide and some other harmful gases into the air. This action eventually affects the equilibrium of the ecosystem in one way or the other. However, many people are still not aware of this. In this article, we have suggested to you how best you can celebrate the popular Diwali festival.

Play Card Games

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We can keep the vibes of the festival with our friends by playing card games like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, or Rummy. It is even possible to play these card games online these days. So, even if your friends are not physically present with you, the games can still be enjoyed together. While playing during Diwali, choose simple games to make it fun.

We suggest you try a simple game like Andar Bahar which does not require so much thinking. Apart from its simplicity, there is no limit to the number of players that can play the game. Gather yourselves, play the game, and have fun as you celebrate the festive season. The game is called different names by different people. While reading, Andar Bahar is also referred to as Katti or Mangatha.

Light Candles

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Our celebration will not be beautiful and complete without lighting candles and diyas around the house. This is because the festival is all about the celebration of lights and a new beginning. There are different sorts of Diwali lights that are available for you to buy in the store. These are the diyas earthen lamp, plastic lights, and fancy electrical illumination, amongst others. Well, it is better to go for the earthen oil lamps instead of the energy-consuming lightings. This is best for several reasons. First off, the oil lamps look traditional and can be reused for years when you wash after use. In fact, it can even be decorated. Secondly, it saves energy, is cost-effective and bio-degradable.

Additionally, buy lamps from the roadside vendors as it will help them generate funds to celebrate the festival alongside yourself.

Skip Fire Crackers

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The haze from these crackers pollutes the air, makes it unsafe for breathing, and may cause some significant health challenges. Apart from this, our pets like cats and dogs get startled and always feel insecure from the blast. Even so, the noises disrupt infants and elderly ones. Many people may argue that the fun of the celebration will be lost without crackers, regardless we can do without it. In our quest to have fun, we should try our possible best not to compromise the environment in any way.

Eat Healthy Snacks

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Eat healthy traditional snacks like bread, barfi, pudding, chips, Dahi ke Kebabs, or Yoghurts dips. These snacks are very easy to prepare and you could even get them in stores. Enjoy your tantalizing appetizers and we are sure you will never want to miss eating any of them.

Give to the Needy

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Ditch firecrackers and lay more emphasis on the less privileged ones. Nothing is more fun than sharing the love of the season with others. What is the essence of a celebration where everyone is not happy? Many Indians spend thousands of INR on firecrackers which has some negative effect on the environment. Won’t it be more rational to spend the thousands of money on the less privileged? Buy the poor kids clothes, take gifts to the orphanage homes, and donates money to the NGOs. That is the true essence of the celebration.

Decorate your home

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Another key consideration for a beautiful Diwali celebration is decoration. Illuminate your homes with beautiful lights, and decorate your rooms with flowers to give a festive feel.

Rangoli is one of the necessary parts of the decoration as it graces the occasion by adding beauty to your home. Artificial rangolis are certainly beautiful, however, they are unfit for the environment as they contain harmful chemicals. Instead of buying them, why not get organic rangoli and natural flowers? They add freshness, fragrance, and beauty to your home and are all together, eco-friendly.

Recycle and reuse the previous year’s materials

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Many people tend to dispose-off materials when they can actually be recycled and/or reused after the ceremony. If you’ve not started reusing and/or recycling materials, it is not late to start now. Lightings, diyas, lampstands, and argabati can be reused the following years instead of buying another. Additionally, get a Jute bag instead of plastic bags. This is because they can be used over again for a longer time, more environmentally friendly, and looks more presentable.

Clean your environment

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Cleanliness is said to be next to godliness. As we await a fresh start, it is expected that we clean up our homes and surroundings. This is traditionally done before or on the first day of Diwali. It serves as a cleansing ritual to purify our homes and environment and as a warm reception for the goddess. When your environment is clean, it gives room for the positive and fresh Diwali energy.

Give “green” gifts

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Exchange gift items with family and friends to wish them prosperity and luck in the nearest future. Many people take a lot of time to choose gifts for their loved ones. Why don’t you do something different this year? Instead of getting the usual chocolates, firecrackers, and sweets for your friends and family, you can go for options like indoor plants, bonsai, kitchen herbs, terrariums, and many others. All these are eco-friendly gifts. The idea behind this is splurging emotions instead of giving unhealthy gifts.

Go traditional with rangolis

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Instead of using artificial colors and oil paints, make use of lose flowers and come up with excellent designs. Also, you can use ingredients from the kitchen like tea or turmeric to fill in parts of your design.

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