How To Amp Up Your Instagram Game In 2020

As we already know, Instagram is a raging success among all other social media platforms. Today, every other person we know is seen using Instagram, and why shouldn’t they? After all, this platform is so vibrant and full of varied content, influencers, celebrities, and more.

Instagram, today, is extremely useful for businesses both small and big. More than a billion users find Instagram fun and engaging which makes it a potential world for businesses to leverage marketing success and flourish. Whether it is an individual blogger or an established brand, the key to success on Instagram is by finding out more about your followers’ activities and interests. Unfortunately, the option to track someone else’s movements on Instagram was dropped long back.

Then, is there no way out? How can you still amp up your Instagram game in 2020?

The answer is simple – use an Instagram activity tracker, the perfect tool, to make tracking peoples’ activities on Instagram a fun activity.

What is an Instagram activity tracker? Why use it?

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If you are interested in checking out what others are posting and doing, then this tool is your perfect option. A smart analytics application is designed for Instagram specifically. You will get a proper activity report of the user you are willing to track easily with it. Today, these tools are being largely used by well-known brands, celebrities, influencers, marketers, bloggers, and more to keep a track of their competitors. Getting a clear view of the media hashtag clouds, actions hit map, user interests cloud, and more adds to the value of tracking and understanding what people are interested in and willing to invest their time in or their preferences and much more.

User insight is valuable information for any concern or individual to enhance the rate of engagement, and it helps to fetch the required data in no time. Also, at a time, you will be able to track an ‘n’ number of accounts, and this is a plus point of this innovative tool. In fact, It is not only meant for businesses. It is an excellent choice for personal use. Suppose a wary mother wants to keep a tab on her children’s Instagram activity, given the partially unsafe environment of Instagram for kids, Snoopreport is a very useful tool to track the activities categorically. The several uses of Instagram activity tracker make it so convenient for everyone.

Key features and advantages of Instagram activity tracker

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As stated earlier, It helps you to carry out in-depth research on Instagram as far as user activity is concerned. However, the most exciting part is the features and advantages of Instagram activity tracker. Let us dig in.

  • Media tags cloud and understanding the preferences – While tracking a user, you will come across photos and videos that she or he has liked. Now, the most probable question is what grabbed the attention of the user to like it? This is where the Instagram activity tracker helps you. When you will click on the content, a detailed report will appear in front of you, from where you can analyze the captions, the hashtags, the themes, and more. Like this, you will be able to track others to get a concrete idea of the hashtags and themes that are mostly used, and more. You will also be able to check out the interests and preferences of the users by tracking the kind of Instagram accounts the users like. For instance, the “flower beauty” profile gets liked by categories such as beauty, cosmetics, health, and public figure mostly. Hence, what we understand from this is; this account is meant for beauty vlogs and similar content, products, and more to attract followers who are interested in beauty, health, and so on.
  • The idea of Action Hit map – The time of Instagram user activity is very crucial but this information will not be provided to you by the Instagram application so, what can you do? Instagram activity tracker tool is your solution because a detailed report of action hit map will appear before your eyes when you will use this smart application. You will get the duration of time spent on a single post by a user plus the information of when he or she is coming online to check his or her feed. Suppose you are tracking a celebrity such as Jessica Alba; the report will clearly show you that she comes online between 16.00 and 17.00. She is a regular Instagrammer but, the frequency of coming online increases mostly on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • User group insights – Monitoring your target audience as a group and vibing with their preferences is the best possible way to increase the rate of engagement. You can customize your content to make it fun and interesting, of course, after analyzing what your audience is expecting from you and this feature helps with that. When you carry out the same analysis on your competitors, you understand the strategies that help them flourish as they say, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Any drawbacks?

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Although there aren’t many problems, there might be one tiny issue, and that is, the information will be drawn for you only from the public accounts, not the private ones.

Final words

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In a nutshell, the Instagram activity tracker will help you to improve your online behavior so that you can attract more users. Furthermore, you will be able to make the right choice as far as hashtags are concerned, and this will further your dream of reaching out to people and featuring in their newsfeeds.

Also, once you analyze the user timeframe, scheduling attractive content, and posting on Instagram when maximum users are online will become duck soup. With steady content generation at the right time, you can expect visibility and engagement on your content. This tool will also give you a fair chance of collaborating with the right kind of influencers for your business. Marketers will want to avail this inviting opportunity as the right kind of influencers can help a brand reach its zenith without a doubt. So, the Instagram activity tracker is certainly one way to avail opportunities on this enticing social media platform.

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