How Popular Autonomous Vehicles Are in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is sometimes called the Emirates. It is a country in Western Asia at the Northeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Gulf of Persia. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is located in Abu Dhabi. This county consists of six other emirates that form the sovereign constitutional monarchy system of government. The United Arab Emirates is very popular for its luxurious lifestyle with some of the most prominent hotels in the world located in the capital, Abu Dhabi. However, the luxurious lifestyle, investments, and businesses have increased the monarchy’s GDP to $732.861billion as of 2020.

The luxurious lifestyle in UAE has negatively affected most citizens of the country, with assets like cars selling at very expensive costs in the United Arab Emirates. Because of this issue, most of the citizens of Dubai in this county rent a car on a daily or monthly basis from car rental companies.

However, the United Arab Emirates is developing new technological innovations to support the citizens who drive these rented cars. Currently, the government of this country is providing autonomous vehicles to more than half of its 9.8 million citizens. This will allow most residents to own a self-driving car in the next five years. The following factors are the reasons why autonomous vehicles are becoming very popular in this country.

Reduction in transportation cost and accidents

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Most citizens of the United Arab Emirates spend lots of money every year on renting cars because most people cannot afford the expensive cars that are sold across the country. Due to this fact, most citizens of Dubai rent cars. However, the development and introduction of autonomous vehicles will help to reduce transportation costs for citizens of the United Arab Emirates by 44 percent. This technological innovation will also help to boost the economy by saving up to Dh22 billion a year. Furthermore, Autonomous vehicles will help reduce accidents by 12% saving up more than Dh2 billion a year because most accidents in the United Arab Emirates have been attributed to driving errors caused by manual drivers. This particular factor is one of the key reasons why autonomous vehicles are becoming popular in the United Arab Emirates.


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Whenever a new technology is about to be introduced, most people always worry about technology’s safety. Manual cars offered by car rental services like are normally tested for maximum safety before it is leased out to citizens who may want to rent a car. Currently, so many autonomous vehicle technology companies are carrying out safety tests on the autonomous vehicles that have been recently manufactured before the legalization of autonomous vehicle technology in the United Arab Emirates.

According to government sources, legislation and regulations on the use of autonomous vehicles will be legalized in 2020 to allow autonomous cars to hit the road by 2021. The safety tests of the autonomous vehicles carried out by the autonomous vehicle companies have helped increase the public’s confidence in autonomous vehicles, boosting its popularity among the public.

Variety of choices

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When you rent a car in Dubai, you must drive these manual cars before moving. Autonomous vehicles help to provide a variety of choices for the passenger in the car because it comes in different grades and specifications. For example, a level four autonomous vehicle allows the driver to do other things like reading a book while driving. Also, lower level autonomous vehicles like the level one autonomous vehicle assist the driver in performing cruise control functions in the autonomous vehicle. A passenger in the autonomous vehicle can still regain manual control of the car, as autonomous vehicles are installed with manual control technology. The variety of choices offered by autonomous vehicles has massively increased its popularity in the United Arab Emirates.


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The genuinely driverless experience provided by autonomous vehicles is a factor that has also increased the popularity of autonomous vehicles in the United Arab Emirates. With the installation of radar cameras at the front and back of the car, traffic light recognition systems, and roof-mounted GPS receiver, autonomous vehicles are built with unique technological features. Most citizens are now excited about the possibility of enjoying the truly driverless experience provided by autonomous vehicles.


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Currently, most United Arab Emirates residents rent a car on a daily or monthly basis through car rental services in Dubai. Most cars are renting services in Dubai, like Rent a car. Dubai offers car rental services at affordable rates so that every citizen can afford to rent a car for short or long distances trips. However, the technological innovation and advancement of autonomous vehicles will help replace the need for rented cars, as most of them will be able to complete short and long distances trip at a breakneck speed. The ability to complete trips faster rates is another reason citizens of this country are welcoming autonomous vehicles with open hands.

In conclusion, the introduction of autonomous vehicles in the UAE will help advance the Emirates technologically. Autonomous vehicles have already become popular in the emirates with an online poll showing that more than 56 percent of the males have indicated an interest in autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, 43 percent of women have indicated an interest in this new technology. Apart from factors that have listed in this article, comfortability is another factor that has increased the popularity of autonomous vehicles in the UAE. Recent analysis has predicted that 25 percent of the car trips in Dubai will be self-employed by 2030. Since the UAE’s citizens will have to wait until 2021 before enjoying this truly driverless experience, you can rent a car in the United Arab Emirates on a monthly and daily basis at affordable rates through car rental services.

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