How Are Waterproof Headphones Made? – 2020 Guide

We all love our headphones.

They assist us to work, focus, research, work out, calm down, play, and nearly the whole lot else underneath the solar. We’ve listened by means of tiny buds for our ears and large foamed cups that cowl the perimeters of our heads. But typically the lives of those auditory buddies of ours don’t final very lengthy, as a result of buildup of moisture and sweat round our ears and hair. This is the place waterproof headphones are available in.

Waterproof headphones are a surprise of expertise. They’re way more resilient than their non-waterproof cousins. When within the gymnasium and even the pool, they will flawlessly play your music while withstanding any type of wetness. But it does make you surprise: how are these devices made? Read on, and we’ll let you know.

Headphones vs Earphones

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When it involves waterproofing, each headphones and earphones have been bestowed with this technological development. Now, folks can take heed to their favourite tunes whereas taking a dip and even swimming competitively. Gym-goers and well being buffs don’t have to fret a lot about their sweat and ear gunk corrupting the headphones’ interior workings. If you’re in search of a selected set of headphones to fit your wants on the pool, the gymnasium or the seashore, click on right here.

How Waterproof Headphones are Made

1. Ingress Protection Code (IP Code)

The Ingress Protection Code, or the International Protection Code (IP Code for brief), is the primary indicator of the waterproofing of any gadget. Therefore, devices that aren’t supposed to return into contact with water don’t bear an IP Code. However, the IP Code doesn’t completely signify waterproofing.

The IP Code is formatted as such:


The IP represents the start of the code. The first X, representing stable or mud proofing, has a score from 0-6. The second X, representing waterproofing, has a score of 0-8. The increased the quantity indicated on the X, the extra resilient the merchandise is. Below is a extra detailed clarification of the numbers and what they every imply:

0 – No safety.

1 – Protection in opposition to stable objects 50mm in measurement or higher. (e.g., hand)

2 – Protection in opposition to stable objects 12.5mm in measurement or higher. (e.g., finger)

3 – Protection in opposition to stable objects 2.5mm in measurement or higher. (e.g., screwdriver)

4 – Protection in opposition to stable objects 1mm in measurement or higher. (e.g., wire)

5 – Dust Protected. Limited mud ingress into the enclosure. Does not have an effect on performance. Resists two to eight hours of publicity.

6 -Total safety in opposition to mud. Resists two to eight hours of publicity.

0 – No safety.

1 – Protection in opposition to vertically falling water droplets. Limited water ingress into the enclosure.

2 – Protection in opposition to vertically falling water droplets in a 15-degree tilt. Limited water ingress into the enclosure.

3 – Protection in opposition to water sprays in a 60-degree tilt. Limited water ingress into the enclosure for as much as three minutes.

4 – Protection in opposition to water sprays from all instructions. Limited water ingress into the enclosure.

5 – Protection in opposition to pressurized water jets. Limited water ingress into the enclosure.

6 – Protection in opposition to water waves or extremely pressurized water jets. No ingress of water into the enclosure.

7 – Protection in opposition to aquatic immersion from 15cm as much as 1m for half-hour.

8 – Total safety in opposition to water stress and immersion for lengthy durations of time.

Be certain to look out for these numbers on the packaging or guide of the headphones or the headphones themselves to know which of them are appropriate to your subsequent exercise. Anything from IPX2 as much as IPX6 is resistant in opposition to water however something with an IPX7 or IPX8 is waterproof. Headphones with the latter two rankings (IPX7 and IPX8) are absolutely submersible.

2. Waterproofing Headphones

Headphones might be categorised into two sorts:

  • Over-the-Ear/Around-the-Ear – This type of headphones loosely dangles from the highest of the ear, solely overlaying it evenly. It permits for the doorway of extra ambient noise than standard. This is the smaller kind.
  • Around-the-Ear – This type of headphones fully envelops the ear, offering minimal to no ambient sound getting into. This is the larger kind that’s typically related to gaming.

Both sorts of headphones are fabricated from Rexine or polyurethane leather-based (PU leather-based), each synthetic sorts of leather-based. The objective of this materials is to maintain out any moisture, rain, sweat, or any liquids from getting into the headphones’ interior workings. Holding the headphones collectively is a body produced from a rust-proof materials comparable to plastic, silicone rubber, or stainless-steel.

The joints within the chambers of every earpiece are sealed off with a robust glue, additional making certain that no water will get by means of; this consists of any gaps which will enable water to enter comparable to ports, buttons, or speaker holes. The outer overlaying of the headphones is produced from an impermeable, stretched polyester movie (Mylar) that make the enclosure of the system fully watertight.

3. Waterproofing Earphones

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Transducers are elements in your earphones that convert one type of vitality into one other. This is what brings the sounds to your ears. Thus, these delicate elements are required to be waterproofed utilizing sealants, particularly in the event that they’re for out of doors earphones.

Aside from these, the cable connecting the 2 earpieces is totally watertight, often produced from silicone rubber. This makes certain that no liquid or moisture permeates its outer coating. Some of those cables are designed to suit underneath the goggle strap and even over the ear, stopping or minimizing the wearer’s possibilities of dragging the cable.

These earpieces, typically referred to as earbuds, earplugs, or ear ideas, come in numerous sizes and styles. These go immediately into the wearer’s ear canal. The approach they match often relies on the curves of the wearer’s outer-ear. Like the cable that connects them, each earbuds are produced from silicone rubber or delicate plastic, full with a water-proof end.

Enjoy Without Worry (or Water!)

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When you end up a pleasant pair of waterproof headphones, you may relaxation assured realizing that they received’t break when submerged or soaked. Whether you employ them for swimming or figuring out on the gymnasium, it’s one much less factor to have to fret about. Keep the IP codes in thoughts and know the way waterproof your headphones are; that approach, you received’t must spend additional for a brand-new pair after drowning them within the water.

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