Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Is The Witchwood

The next Hearthstone expansion is a horror-themed add-on called The Witchwood

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That excellent trailer certainly sets the stage, but its the other information Blizzard has revealed about the expansion which has us truly excited. First off, pre-ordering The Witchwood for $49.99 will award you with 70 packs. This is up from the usual 50 packs players previously got for that pre-order price (which was slightly below the standard rate for individual card packs). This move will no doubt please players who have stated that the typical pre-order incentive doesn’t yield enough of the new card collection. Even those who don’t pre-order will receive three free card packs and a random class Legendary card just by logging in. 

Speaking of the cards, Blizzard has shared six of the cards The Witchwood will introduce to Hearthstone, and two of them utilize entirely new mechanics: Echo and Rush. Rush allows a card to attack the turn it is played – or summoned from hand/deck – but unlock charge, Rush cards can only attack other minions on the turn they are played. Echo cards, meanwhile, can be played multiple times in a single turn. As long as you have the mana to keep putting them on the board, you can do so to your heart’s content. 

Fans of Hearthstone‘s single-player modes can also look forward to a new adventure called Monster Hunt. This mode lets players choose between one of four heroes exclusively designed for this single-player adventure and embark upon a trip into the Witchwood. Along the way, they’ll encounter a series of eight “ever more challenging encounters” that all lead up to a showdown with an unidentified final boss. Fortunately, every victory will award you with new gear that should make progressing deeper into the woods just a bit easier. 

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Considering that the release of this expansion will also herald the beginning of a new set rotation – which you can read more about here – there’s a very good chance that The Witchwood is going to drastically shake-up the Hearthstone meta through the introduction of many new strategies and deck types. 

At present, there is no release date available for The Witchwood. However, additional card reveals will begin on March 26th and will likely continue until just before the expansion’s release date. 

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