Half-Life: Alyx Will be About as Long as Half-Life 2

If you’re stressed that Half-Life: Alyx is mosting likely to be even more of a Virtual Reality technology trial than a complete video game, we have actually obtained some great information for you. 

“This isn’t a spinoff or a side story, or anything of the sort,” claims Half-Life: Alyx developer Robin Walker in a meeting with IGN. “It’s a major project – duplicated playtest outcomes suggest it’s about the very same size as Half-Life 2.”

While Walker claims that this is greater than an offshoot, it deserves keeping in mind that it seems like the Half-Life group did not at first mean for Alyx to be a correct Half-Life video game. 

“We didn’t laid out to make a Half-Life video game,” claims Walker. “Like numerous video game designers, we usually utilize our previous video games to try out brand-new style suggestions. So in this situation, we began discovering Virtual Reality making use of properties as well as code from Portal as well as Half-Life…[O]ur Half-Life experiments, starting right back in The Lab for the Vive, generated amazing outcomes really rapidly. As quickly as we had a little area of Half-Life gameplay up & running in Virtual Reality, with Half-Life 2 properties, as well as included some primary hand physics/interactions, it was truly clear that Half-Life matched Virtual Reality.”

There are a couple of points we can eliminate from every one of this. First off, it ought to be kept in mind that Half-Life 2 was not a specifically lengthy video game. The ordinary playthrough was around 13-15 hrs. Considering that numerous Virtual Reality video games usually appear at under 10 hrs, however, that ought to indicate that Alyx will certainly be longer than your ordinary Virtual Reality experience (thinking that Valve’s inner examinations are exact). 

More significantly, however, it seems like Valve just made Alyx a Half-Life video game to begin with due to the fact that they were positive that they might convert the most effective of Half-Life right into a Virtual Reality video game. So, while Alyx might not rather be the legendary Half-Life 3, it does appear like Valve is coming close to the growth of this video game as if it was a “proper” brand-new Half-Life title as well as not simply a means to advance the business’s remarkable Virtual Reality as well as AR passions. 

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