GTA 5: Free Mods You Need to Download

Home Invasion Mod

This relatively simple mod allows you to rob various homes across the GTA 5 map. It’s not much, but it’s one of those mods that adds a function to the game which not only feels appropriate for the spirit of the universe but adds something new and fun to do for those days where you’re just killing time. Just know that many homeowners will defend themselves if you are caught. 

Download Home Invasion Mod

Better Deformation


As you probably gathered from the name of this mod, it adds additional layers of deformation to the various cars in the games. In other words, they endure significantly more realistic damage. More importantly, though, this mod makes cars in the game much tougher than they previously were. Considering that one of GTA 5’s biggest shortcomings was how weak its cars were, we’d honestly recommend this mod solely for its secondary function. 

Download Better Deformation

Natural Vision Graphics


The mod that inspired this article is quite simply one of the best graphics mods on the market. Not only does it make GTA 5 look as good as modern games, but to be honest, we think this version of GTA 5 might look better than most of the best looking modern games. From the lighting to the subtle shifts in weather, Natural Vision Graphics offers a compelling vision of what GTA 6 might look like. 

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