‘Godfather’ Actor Says Italian Mob Would Never Kill Boss In Front of Home


Gianni Russo wasn’t simply in “The Godfather,” he claims to have deep mob ties — and tells TMZ there’s NO WAY the hit on Gambino crime boss Frank Cali was carried out by the Italian mafia. 

And why? Because Russo says the killer broke a SACRED mafia rule that no Italian mobster would dare to violate. 

“I don’t think it was an Italian hit or a Family hit because they shot [Cali] in front of his family’s house. They don’t do that,” Russo defined. 

Russo performed Carlo Rizzi in “The Godfather” — who famously betrayed the Corleone Family, solely to be whacked in successful orchestrated by Michael Corleone. 

Russo additionally says he was an errand boy for the mob again within the day — and had shut mobster pals, together with Gambino mob boss Paul Castellano, who was killed in 1985. 

As for Cali, officers say the 53-year-old mobster was shot to dying in successful in entrance of his Staten Island dwelling. The killers additionally ran over his physique after the taking pictures. 

Russo says Italian mobsters respect an unstated rule that household properties are sacred — and that’s why he believes the taking pictures was in all probability motivated by cash and medicines, and never mob politics. 

Officials say they’re investigating the taking pictures — however to this point, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been recognized.

… additionally, no rats. 

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