Game of Thrones secrets and techniques revealed (and legitimized) by sequence scripts

Mysteries abound on Game of Thrones, and a part of the present’s success has been in voracious followers making an attempt to determine precisely what’s going on behind all the scheming, killing, and incestuous love-making. Though the most important questions in regards to the HBO sequence’ upcoming remaining season are doubtless “who will die” and “how bad will things get” (most likely everybody; and actually, actually unhealthy), there are some smaller mysteries which have been cleared up because of an in-depth have a look at the scripts from the earlier seven seasons. 

Vanity Fair lately took a deep dive by means of the scripts, all of which have been out there (although not likely utilized) by way of the Writers Guild of America. HBO and sequence co-creator D.B. Weiss supplied them, and although they have been “flying under the radar” based on the publication, curiosity within the treasure trove has now picked up because of an instagram picture from the WGA, which reveals a web page from the present’s bible: 

The bible itself is within the WGA’s assortment, however so is each script written for the present — with the acute exception of something associated to Season 8. 

We’ve already watched (and re-watched) these episodes, although… so what revelations may the scripts presumably deliver into the sunshine? As it seems, there are fairly a couple of. 

**SPOILER WARNING: There are doubtless spoiler alerts forward for the ultimate season of Game of Thrones. Most of that is hypothesis primarily based on present scripts, however you by no means know. If you wish to go in colder than the Night King, then hop on the King’s Road and make your approach out of this text.**

Everyone prepared? Onward we go. As at all times, Valar Morghulis. 


Oh Cersei Lannister, you by no means fail to entertain us. Lena Headey’s Queen of Scheme cooked up a whopper in Season 7, when she informed her brother/lover Jaime that she was pregnant. Not many individuals believed her (she’s not at all times probably the most sincere particular person, is she?), however apparently the script makes it clear that she’s telling the reality. 

As the script reads, “She nods, it’s true. Her happiness is contagious. They get another chance at family. This time with no one standing in their way.” Later, her brother/enemy Tyrion Lannister discovers the being pregnant, and it catches them each off guard: “Tyrion sees what he sees and knows what it means. He can hardly believe it, but knows it to be true. She stays silent for too long, long enough to tell him that he’s right. And once she knows he knows, she can think of nothing else to say.”

It would appear that Cersei wasn’t mendacity for as soon as — she really is pregnant, presumably with Jaime’s baby. If this child really makes it into the world alive (do not rely on it), then it is gonna be… an attention-grabbing particular person, to say the least. 


The Cersei reveals do not finish there. Season 5 modified issues up with the start of its premiere episode, doing the one actual flashback the present has ever performed. We’ve seen Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven touring to the previous loads of occasions, however this explicit flashback was not introduced on by something — the present simply put it up there. 

It concerned younger Cersei and a good friend visiting a seer often called Maggy the Frog; the prophecy she was given right here proved important to the remainder of Season 5, and past. Not solely did Maggy predict the deaths of all three of Cersei’s youngsters, she additionally informed her, “You will be Queen. For a time. Then comes another. Younger, more beautiful. To cast you down and take all you hold dear.” Cersei believes this to be Margaery Tyrell, and schemes accordingly. Margaery is not round anymore, nevertheless, so savvy viewers now assume that Cersei was unsuitable in regards to the prophesy — it was at all times about Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen. 

It’s one thing that many followers referred to as from second one, however the writing of Cersei and Dany’s assembly in Season 7 confirms the connection: “Cersei stares at her enemy, this baby-faced usurper who’s come to take what’s hers.”


In the final episode we noticed, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” Dany and Jon Snow lastly get busy. We lower away from their carnal festivities for a second to see Tyrion looming someplace exterior their chamber. The look on his face has been a matter of a lot debate — is his political thoughts troubled due to this new growth, or is he, most sadly, in love along with his Queen? “Hands of gold are always cold, but a woman’s hands are warm…” in any case. 

Most sadly for everybody, the script for that episode makes it clear that Tyrion is, in actual fact, in love with Dany. We do not blame him, how may he not be, however nonetheless — love could show to be his final undoing. In one occasion, the Tyrion of the books says, “Love is madness, and lust is poison.” He may very well be each mad and poisoned. 

The scripting for the finale of Season 6 sort of seals the deal— Tyrion loves her, romantic-style, and has since Dany made him Hand of the Queen. As the script for that episode states: “He studies her face. Dany is staring into the distance so Tyrion is able to watch her from up close. Goddamn but she is beautiful. He watches her for a beat too long and turns away. Lost in her own thoughts, she doesn’t notice that he’s flustered.” 

It’s introduced up once more within the barn-burning script for Season 7’s “The Spoils of War” (aka the Burning Loot Train episode) which states the next when Tyrion’s brother decides to try to assault Dany: “…the brother he loves races towards his probably death at the hands of the queen Tyrion also loves.”

Tyrion is certainly smitten, however hopefully he’ll handle to maintain these emotions in examine. The present wants him. Westeros wants him. We want him. Love is insanity, and will simply result in his dying. Just ask Robb Stark. 


Tyrion is not the one character revealed to have a crush — Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) is greater than a bit of taken with Dany’s interpreter and good friend, Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel). When Davos (who nonetheless has a spouse someplace, presumably) meets her for the primary time, the script states: “Davos sighs, watching Missandei.”

Later on, the script goes additional with Davos’ crush: “Davos smiles. Jon gives him an ‘Easy you old perv’ look.” Grey Worm and Missandei are supposed to be, so this is among the solely situations we can consider the place we might be rooting towards Davos. 


This is a element that’s nearly unimaginable to identify — in Season 7, once we see Euron Greyjoy and his ship of berserkers, the script describes them as “fearsome, tongue-less brutes.” It’s not one thing that you would be able to readily see, however it’s a good throwback to Euron’s methods and means within the e book sequence, the place his actions are literally worse. 

In phrases of characters that do not actually converse however may have at one level, we have now the scary White Walkers. We do not hear them talk within the present, however this may increasingly have been completely different at one level. In George R.R. Martin’s books, the Walkers use “inhuman shrieks” to speak, additionally described as, “a chilling sound, like crackling ice.” The script for the pilot episode nearly picks up this cue — it has them making noises, and states: “These are not the noises of mindless predators. This is a language and whatever is speaking is getting closer.”


The script for the Season 7 episode “Beyond the Wall” susses out the love story of Jon Snow and his Auntie Dany. They’ve simply come from an terrible battle, and considered one of Dany’s beloved dragons has “died.” She visits Jon on his sickbed, and the script states: “She opens her mouth to talk however solely tears come — the tears she has held at bay till now, as a result of individuals had been watching, and he or she nonetheless had hope. Here with Jon and solely Jon, she lets go of hope and poise, and weeps.” 

Even Jon “is aware of nothing” Snow will get what this implies, and the script has him responding as such: “Jon has truly never seen a girl like this before. Her beauty, her strength, her grief and the pain it makes him feel… they all push him to the realization that he loves her.”

Nothing unsuitable with that, proper? Wrong! Jon is just not a bastard in any respect, however a misplaced Targaryen. Not solely that, he is the rightful inheritor to the Iron Throne. This ties again to a second on the finish of Season 2, the place Dany has a imaginative and prescient courtesy of a while on the House of the Undying. The imaginative and prescient consists of the throne room of King’s Landing, and is wholly an invention of the present. Still, it’s totally attention-grabbing in the way it reads: “She seems to be up. The roof is lacking and snow falls from the sky. At the far finish of the room, the Iron Throne waits for her, dusted with snow. Her dream made manifest.”

The Iron Throne dusted with… snow?! Coincidence, or one thing hidden in plain sight the complete time? We’ll have to attend till Game of Thrones returns for its remaining season, unbent, unbowed, and unbroken, in April of 2019. 

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