Game of Thrones: Gwendoline Christie talks about saying goodbye

Although Game of Thrones is nearing its conclusion, sequence star Gwendoline Christie informed followers at Emerald City Comic Con that she by no means felt she had job safety. On the primary day of ECCC 2019, Christie was a visitor on the Live Stage, the place SYFY WIRE’s Jackie Jennings spoke together with her concerning the finish of Game of Thrones. The actress who portrays Brienne of Tarth informed the viewers that she was irrationally afraid of being killed off between seasons… however when it got here time to say goodbye to the sequence, she couldn’t conceal her emotional response.

“I had prepared myself: ‘this is going to come and I will be upset,'” mentioned Christie. “But actually, nothing could really prepare me for it. Coming up to the end of the day, the showrunners were doing something for us whereby they would announce that you were wrapped and they would say a few words. I told myself ‘just breathe, it’s fine. I’m lucky I ever had this job.’ They said something nice about me, and I just started to sob.”

According to Christie, she wasn’t in a position to instantly let go of that second. Instead, her sobbing lasted for a protracted time.

“I didn’t stop [sobbing] for two hours,” revealed Christie. “And so I’m going into hair and like having things taken out of my hair and makeup – ‘she’s still going.’ And I’m walking off to costume – ‘she’s still going.’ Literally, crew members are saying ‘she’s still going! Stop crying… no… she’s still going.’ It was hugely emotional, but I think it’s important to really let those things out.”

Christie additionally shared a number of different GoT reminiscences with us. Watch under!

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