Gabriel Iglesias Wants to Play Andy Ruiz In Hollywood Movie!


If Hollywood chose to green-light a flick concerning heavyweight boxing champ Andy Ruiz — there’s one more big celebrity that’s currently making his pitch for the function … Gabriel Iglesias!!!

The super star comic is a prominent boxing follower — and also states he was FED when Ruiz placed a pounding on Anthony Joshua in the trouble of the years. 

In reality, Ruiz states he ACTUALLY intends to see Joshua join for the rematch so Ruiz can verify to the globe it wasn’t a fluke, and also he’s the actual bargain. 

“It wasn’t a lucky punch,” Fluffy states … “He got dealt with that night!”

Ruiz’s tale is rather incredible … he was a substantial underdog that took the battle on brief notification and also place on the efficiency of his life to distress the unbeaten heavyweight champ of the globe. 

Iglesias states he’d ENJOY to play Ruiz on the cinema … however he understands he’d need to go down a couple of pounds prior to entering front of the video camera. 

“Every actor says they gotta gain weight … I gotta lose weight to play Ruiz!”

The clip’s excellent. Gabriel’s excellent. Andy’s excellent. Watch the video clip currently. 

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