Fortnite gold – how do gold bars work in Fortnite?

Want to know what Fortnite gold bars are for? Introduced again in Season 5, gold bars are a type of in-game foreign money that can be utilized to buy gadgets and providers from NPCs. These gold bars have carried over to Season 6 the place there are much more issues to purchase, together with new Fortnite weapons which have been solely lately launched to the sport.

There are quite a few completely different Fortnite bounty NPCs scattered all through the brand new map, they usually want your assist. During a Fortnite match, whilst you’re working round chances are you’ll spot a speech bubble within the distance – this denotes an NPC, who you may communicate to and acquire bounties from. Once you’ve chosen your chosen bounty – you may solely be assigned separately – head out to finish the duty and earn your self some gold bars.

You’ll additionally earn eight gold bars whenever you get rid of different gamers, and should you’re fortunate, you would possibly simply discover some bars laying round as you scour the land for loot. Read on to search out out what you’ll be capable of commerce your stacks of gold for.


The best and most secure option to earn Fortnite gold bars is to finish bounties as these quests provide the very best rewards. Accepting a easy quest to reap 100 wooden can earn you as a lot as 35 gold bars. Considering that is one thing you have been more likely to do already, chances are you’ll as properly settle for the hunt to obtain free gold bars.

There’s additionally the dangerous method: defeat the Fortnite bosses. These enemies are very harmful and often have excessive quantities of well being, in addition to particular talents. The Spire Guardians in Season 6 have the power to teleport, making it tough to harm them. If you may kill one among these bosses, you may earn over 100 gold bars.

You can slowly earn gold bars by opening chests, money registers, and even breaking items of furnishings can reveal small quantities of the foreign money, often beneath 5 items. Finally, the final option to earn gold is by defeating different gamers within the recreation – gamers often drop eight gold bars.


Gold bars might be exchanged with any of the bounty NPCs scattered throughout the map. They might be redeemed for brand new unique weapons, upgrades, intel (reminiscent of revealing close by treasure chests), providers, and extra. You may even enlist sure NPCs to observe you round and defend you – however their providers come at a hefty value.

Here are all of the issues you may spend Fortnite gold bars on:

  • Reveal the placement of close by treasure chests and characters
  • Hire NPCs to struggle alongside you and your squad
  • Upgrade weapons
  • Purchase new weapons
  • Purchase crafting supplies

How you spend your Fortnite gold bars can decide the course of a recreation, so it’s value selecting them up as you discover them. Gold bars by no means expire, even after dying in a match. You may save hundreds of gold bars for one match the place you spend them suddenly.

And that’s all there’s to find out about Fortnite gold bars. Season 6 has launched new mechanics to the sport, together with Fortnite animals which gamers can hunt or tame, craftable gadgets just like the Hunter’s Cloak, and golden artifacts to hunt out.

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